RushPicI’m a former radio personality, and I am passionate about talk radio…especially local talk radio. I am not passionate about what has become of talk radio with the huge corporate conglomerates being allowed to monopolize the majority of stations and limit programming to self-serving, right wing, neo-conservative content. That being said, I have forced myself to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

It isn’t at all an acquired taste…What he says always ‘tastes’ spoiled and expired. It always sounds angry and hateful, “spiced” with implied, thinly veiled racial slurs. It is however, my effort to apply the wise Mafia proverb, “Keep your friends close, and your FAT enemies even closer.” Well, ok, I added one word. Speaking of which – to sum it up with one word, what I hear when I tune in to”El Flushbowl’s” paradoxically named “Excellence In Broadcasting” talk radio program is: SELFISHNESS…In two words, I would definitely add: UNAMERICAN.

A lady called up on the broadcast today, immediately paying homage to Rush as “Maha-RUSH-di”. She proceeded to whine just like him…not about how we can come together and meet in the middle as Americans to heal our land, but about how important it is right now for all the Gov. Palin loving neo-conservatives to break from the Republican Party and start over brand new. Of course, El Rushbo agreed with her. This is the unequivocal epitome of selfishness…no reflection or respect at all for the moderate direction of a large and growing majority of members in their party. But you know what, I think I agree with her too, and I’ll explain why…

Only a day before on Nov. 5th, Rush verbally castrated Senator McCain for his beautiful, healing concession speech in which McCain vowed to work with President Elect OBama to solve very important problems that we as a supposedly UNITED nation are all facing. We need to work together, but Rush hit McCain with a tire iron below the belt, figuratively speaking, claiming his concession speech ‘characterized’ McCain’s entire campaign…He specifically said Mccain’s entire campaign was a ‘concession speech’, and proceeded to proclaim his ABSOLUTE unwillingness to work together with Democrats. He did so in a very disturbing and angry ‘Call To Arms’ fashion. This again is the pinnacle of childish selfishness.

One more important issue I want to address regarding Limbaugh relates to his rhetorical, excessively sarcastic questioning of what Barack OBama meant in his victory speech, when he told America: “We will get there…I promise you, we WILL get there!”

Rush allowed no one to answer him in his repetitive rambling of: “What does he mean?”…”Just where are we going Barack?”…”Get where, OBama?”…”You never told us where we are going!”, etc. 

Silly me…I actually wanted to call in and set him straight, but so often as is the case with Rush, the phone numbers are not available. Even if they were, “Snerdly” his producer would screen you out…no one makes the neo-conservative, self-proclaimed prophet look like the sad sack, unAmerican hypocrite that he is.

But the better late than never GOOD NEWS is, Rush is angry because Rush is slowly but surely on his way out…That is because the Republican Party is changing. And the reason the Republican party is changing (by the way, Rush and his greedy crony listeners say it is not just changing, but it is ‘IMPLODING’)  is because there is a minority, angry faction within that party that doesn’t get what America and Democracy is all about.

Let me be clear what this Limbaugh faction DOES “get”…They get what greed is all about…They get what imposing their religious morals on others is all about…But they don’t get what accepting diversity, social equality and worker value is all about(These are not communist ideals, they are red, white and blue constitutional intentions). 

If some of the brighter of them do get it, they hate the thought of getting to the time where OPPORTUNITY of the AMERICAN DREAM is finally actually achievable for the common man. THAT, Mr. Limbaugh, is exactly what OBama meant. 

But let’s at least for once be honest… You knew that is what he meant. It just doesn’t PAY for you to admit that. It doesn’t make good radio to admit that to your hateful right wing “choir” that you preach to…It pays for you to serve your selfish advertisers and listeners with your anti-democratic, pro neo-capitalist, greed-driven talking points at the EXPENSE of not only the huge majority of hardworking Americans, but also of your own party that is in growing vast disagreement with you.

Let me fill in the blanks on the destinations OBama was referring to that you whined on and on about, claiming not to understand. When he said “I promise you America, we will get there”, he meant:

A return to a government that is actually “OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people” and not “Of Wall Street, BY Wall Street and FOR Wall Street”…you know Rush, your ‘bread and butter’. In other words, he meant getting to a time where the common American man and woman are the most important priority, realizing you can’t have a thriving Wall Street at the expense of opportunity for Main Street. (He actually said that last part too Rush, but apparently you weren’t listening?)

He meant rebuilding a reputation with the international community of peaceful diplomacy and benevolent cooperation, rather than a reputation of unilateral bullying, invading and imperialistic exploitation of countries when we know we can get away with it, as has been the case too often in our troubled history.

He meant getting to the time when Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream is truly realized, that being a country were all races have equality, and are judged “by the content of their character and not the color of their skin”.

He meant getting to the day when we can once again feel proud about making and buying American manufactured goods, and not have Walmart, Home Depot and Costco putting most of our small business ‘Mom and Pops’ out of business with their price undercutting, cheap foreign made products, due to Wall Street’s greed-driven outsourcing.

He meant getting to a time when we use our country’s wealth and resources more responsibly and sustainably, to make life better by “promoting the general welfare” (As our Constitution’s preamble mandates) for ALL Americans, not just the elite 5% and grossly overpaid CEO’s.

He meant getting to a time when the worker who carries the biggest burden on his/her back every day is seen as MUCH more valuable and responsible for the success of a company…AND for the success of CAPITALISM by the way, than the top, all too often unethical and corrupt executives.

What “We are going to get there” DID NOT MEAN, Rush, is SOCIALISM, no matter how many times you ignorantly try to spin it that way! However,  it meant getting to a time when there was more of a proper balance between corporate welfare (currently to the tune of hundreds of BILLIONS per year) and social welfare programs that have paled in comparison.

Apparently, Rush wants to have his oxycontin and eat it to. That’s at least what it sounds like when he ignores the ‘socialism’ and ‘social welfare’ that is deeply in place for corporations and his advertisers, and castigates any similar use of tax dollars when it comes to social programs helping the working class.

What amazes me about the huge degree of selfishness from those like Rush and his devoted sick followers is that they don’t understand the correlation between a nourished, happy, well-rewarded and healthy workforce and their all holy grail of PROFIT…there’s an obvious and critical ’cause and effect’ there to which they are oddly blind. Hence OBama’s powerful comment, “You can’t have a thriving Wall Street at the expense of an impoverished Main Street” (paraphrasing).

I’ve got an idea for Rush and all his hate-mongering “Maha -RUSH-di” followers. Let’s give them all a large island off the coast of Alaska… One where Governor Palin can see Russia even without her glasses!

They claim they want to separate from their party?…Well why stop there? Let’s encourage them to separate from this country entirely! An island close to Russia would be fitting, as unAmerican as their views are. 

Let me speak directly to “Maha – RUSH -di” and all his angry, neo-capitalist followers: Your hatred and non-democratic selfish greed are truly UNAMERICAN to say the least, and not welcome here even by a majority of members in your own political party. That point was made clear on Nov. 4th, 2008, and reinforced more clearly on Nov. 5th, as you loudly vowed repeatedly and obstinately NOT to cooperate with the new destination America is headed. 

America will be much better off if we just give you ‘reparations’ and help you get out and start your little Maha-Rush-di empire somewhere new…in your “Limbaugh Land of Oz” where you can overpay CEO’s, make religious laws based on your Bibles, pollute your environment due to no corporate regulations, incorporate a below poverty level minimum wage, and outsource jobs overseas at the expense of your workers to your hearts content.

Connie Bryan


About Connie Bryan

Writer, comedian and musician, currently residing in Sacramento, CA. Former talk radio personality from Central Florida. Currently doing stand-up comedy and producing/hosting a local TV comedy/variety show on Access Sacramento Channel 17. Please see demo material on my website at

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  1. Rich says:

    “I’m sorry, it is now time for our station to take a break!” Maybe a little Zanaz will talk you down! I wonder why anyone listens the neo-fascists likes of Limp-blaugh, Hannity, and O’Riely. Maybe hitting one’s head against the wall for hours would be less painful.

    Have a friend from Russia who best appreciates what ‘freedom of speech” is really about – and doubts the likes of these idiots have any redeeming qualities.

    Freedom of speech is important – even if it comes from these serving idiots and their well financed Wall Street corporations. Congress needs to re-examine the proliferation of corporate ownership of the media and return the local newspapers, television, and radio to local ownership! If the message isn’t heard, then it is time to re-institute the “fairness doctrine.”
    – Rich

  2. Connie Bryan says:

    Thanks Rich…VERY WELL SAID:)
    Connie Bryan

  3. Josephine says:

    Not much to say but wake up. You’re being selfish and it’s beyond your comprehension to understand that Rush is on your side. But you’d probably got that and take offense to it anyways.

    What he is angry are things you should be angry about. But maybe you thought Hitler was a hero and you think we should return to that. And maybe that is hard for you to see. Ok, I get that. But that is what you are agreeing with. Just store it in your brain for furture reference and look back and know…everyone told you so.

    If you could be objective and hear what is being said, you might get it. Instead your stuck on conservative as being wrong. Try looking at what he is saying, not that you disagree with what his beliefs are. Then you may actually be able to bridge a gap instead of being winning on selfish behavior and making sure the gap is WIDE. So, promote peace and get the stick out of your

  4. conniebryan says:

    Josephine, You have got to be kidding…how can you read what I wrote and come away thinking I ‘thought Hitler was a hero’. It is obvious from what I wrote that I feel the exact opposite…The more HUGE corporate chains and companies like Walmart wipe out Mom and Pops and small business, the more they destroy the access to the American Dream for the common man in America, and the more it looks like Hitler’s Third Reich. The more the corrupt members of Wall Street take over a TRILLION dollars in WELFARE (Don’t you usually call that SOCIALISM, but it is ok when it is WALL STREET?) for their losses due to intense FRAUD, from our tax dollars, all the while Main Street keeps seeing lower wages while CEO’s make hundreds of times what 95% of American workers make, (despite the fact those workers are the backbone and sweat of the capitalist machine that creates profit), the more our country looks like it’s being run by Hitler…and you are the one who looks like you are defending that, LOL. You are the one who desperately needs to wake up and join the fight to return this government to the Republic our forefathers intended…the one that OBama intends for it to be…not Of WALL STREET, BY WALL STREET and FOR WALL STREET, but OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE. Now think about this and don’t twist it all into neo-conservative knots like El “FLush Bowl” does every day, lol.

  5. Rich says:

    How could Limp-blaugh be so “wrong” and be so filthy and rich? Simple: He sold their soul for millions.

    He and the likes of O’Riely, Savage, Hannity, and the man they supported on Pennsylvannia Avenue for the last eight years. These spokes people have long supported war, racism, sexism, in the name of power and unfathomable corporate greed and short term profits, and tossed a piece of the bone.

    These mouth pieces are the voices of Gerbel, determined to ship jobs overseas, allow people to die in the name of corporate CEO profits, and determined to build a corporate, world empire desguised in the name of “freedom.”

    I’ve listened to these whack jobs. The state of world economy, wars throughout the world, and living in hightened state of fear is the only thing they know.


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