The Lord: "Eeney, MEANEY, Miney, Moe"(??)

The Lord: “Eeney, MEANEY, Miney, Moe”(??)

What is it with all these ‘dialed back’ individuals in the news who think that God has something to do with who survives horrible disasters? To believe that, you’d have no choice but to then admit that “The Lord” didn’t give a damn to save all those other innocent children…If “The Lord” saved some and not the others, he’d have to have intended for those others to die in such a horrible nightmarish fashion. 

WHAT? You don’t believe God has something to do with who lived? Well you must be an athiest!…Wrong again…Wrong on both counts. 

What many have yet to understand after the horrible EF-5 super tornado in Oklahoma that killed so many, including many children, is that if you think that survivors of that tornado need to “Thank the Lord”, then you believe in a very sick and twisted “Lord”(what a silly word too, I’ve never gotten used to referring to God as a British ruler…does the Lord wear a powdered wig…I assume that would be the case). 

But to believe this way, you believe in a “Lord” who used really grotesque favoritism in deciding who “He” (of course they think the Lord has to be a male) would save from the tornado, and consequently who “He” would NOT save. What makes one innocent child protected by “The Lord”, and the others NOT protected by “The Lord”? Answer that please. Don’t say it is God’s will, because silly, if you say that, you just MADE MY POINT for me. The Lord wouldn’t save one, and ‘will’ not to save the others, because being omnipotent, that would make him a sick piece of you know what to say the least. 

So, to show you how sick it is to think “Oh, THANK THE LORD” when someone’s child was found alive – what that absolutely means is that this wonderful, miraculous, loving Lord DID NOT want to save all the other innocent children who died horribly in fear and pain I can’t even imagine…Your wonderful “Lord” that came to the rescue of some, chose NOT to come to the rescue of others…”The Lord” INTENDED for them to suffer that fate. We’re talking innocent children here, sorry there were no gay people or Muslims of a different faith for you to say “Well, they were condemned in God’s eyes, so that’s why”, or some other retarded and bigoted excuse. 

This is why I talk a lot about the importance of our society finally growing out of such debilitating, false religious ignorance into a real understanding of true spirituality.
True spirituality isn’t “The Lord”…the Divine is not an omnipotent being that is “exterior” to you…looking down on you, that would allow such a fearful event to descend upon your community, arbitrarily saving some and leaving others outside “His” omnipotent protection. That is just way beyond sick to think of the Divine in that fashion. 

But the man-made Bible is full of such sick false teachings of just such a hypocritical God. Many passages in the Bible even describe God as ordering acts of genocide over and over again against nations the Jews conquered…ordaining slavery of humans because they were of different race or belief. There are countless passages of a non-loving vengeful, warmongering, unforgiving God… displaying anger and violent temper beyond belief. But God is supposed to be Love? PLEASE! You can’t have it both ways. 

This is sick that such false teaching is still believed so widely today, and has caused more wars in mankind’s history than any other reason. We have to start speaking up about this and exposing this mental illness in every way it rears its head, so that we can begin making real spiritual progress toward lasting real peace for mankind.


About Connie Bryan

Writer, comedian and musician, currently residing in Sacramento, CA. Former talk radio personality from Central Florida. Currently doing stand-up comedy and producing/hosting a local TV comedy/variety show on Access Sacramento Channel 17. Please see demo material on my website at

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  1. I think you are willfully taking a lot of parts of the bible out of context. If you do that, then God can appear capricious. Another false assumption is that life is the best outcome. But what if, instead, God wanted to maximize getting people into heaven over having a happy peaceful life? What if he was focusing on long term joy Vs short term pleasure? Then His goals could very well be different than what we think is “right”.

  2. Connie Bryan says:

    First, the many…too many to list examples of God ordering the Jews to commit acts of genocide, and kill every man woman and child of nations they conquered in his name, they are not taken out of context even in the slightest. For one example, just read Joshua chapter 6. Same as what Hitler did to the Jews, the Jews did there in that story, ordered by God.
    Second, the same is true for racism…the constant reference to the Jews being God’s ‘chosen people’, his ‘preferred race’, and that cannot be taken out of context… is racism first and foremost, and supposedly ordained by “God”…No, it was written by racist men who made that ‘chosen people’ proclamation claiming it was God’s proclamation. And the passages where God ordains slavery of other races and beliefs are also as replete as the ones where he ordained genocide for the same reason. You are not wanting to see what is clearly there in large quantity in the false teaching of the Bible.
    Third,let me see if I have this straight, you actually wrote:”But what if, instead, God wanted to maximize getting people into heaven over having a happy peaceful life? What if he was focusing on long term joy Vs short term pleasure? Then His goals could very well be different than what we think is “right”.”
    So to follow such sick reasoning, you want MORE such monstrous disasters, as that may be the way God is helping to again SELECT individuals, but not everyone, to find PEACE, lol.
    You are making my case for me “ladylighttravel”.

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