TrumpWalkingAfter an entire campaign devoted to denigrating minorities in various ugly ways…his most noteworthy: calling Mexican immigrants “mostly rapists and violent criminals”…And while pounding his stump speech drum for over a year now, vowing to “Make America WHITE Again!”, simultaneously winking and playing “footsie” with David Duke, initially refusing to disavow the white supremist leader’s personal endorsement, resulting in the FOX NEWS NETWORK’s offer for Trump to host a new reality show: “KU KLUX KLAN HAS TALENT”…

And while very loudly and repeatedly mocking the Black population and their legitimate concerns regarding a growing epidemic of unarmed black men being shot and killed by law enforcement…

TrumpPosterTornCoincidentally just a couple of weeks after I wrote an oped on the very topic that Trump will lose by ten points or more because of his alienation of Blacks and Hispanics…Guess what? It has apparently just now dawned on Donald Trump that he cannot win without the Black and Hispanic vote.

So this week, that is ALL that we are hearing on the cable news networks…How Trump is “re-tooling” his message in order to now APPEAL to those same Blacks and Hispanics (TRANSLATION: Reworking his con-act and re-writing his lies).

CarsonTrumpI want to bring something into crystal clear focus for minorities here: Make no mistake…That is how stupid and ignorant he and his campaign staff think you are if you are among that minority demographic…He thinks you are so gullible that you will not remember any of his hallmark racist hate he has constantly spewed about you so far during his toxic “Make America WHITE Again” campaign, devoted entirely to appealing to the “angry white male” American, and their subservient angry white wives…

TrumpWallCrowdHe is convinced that you haven’t been paying attention, and that he can now shift gears, re-write his con act, while giving a nod and a wink to those angry white voters who will understand that he has unfortunately no choice now but to PRETEND that he cares about minorities, in order to make up for his huge losing deficit in the polls.

I will say this though: Those angry white males that have all but surgically attached their lips to Trump’s ass, due to his anti-minority and anti-immigrant toxic rhetoric for his entire campaign thus far…They are no different than the other end of the spectrum…

SubaruLoveThe “Hillary lovers” on the left who are the type that believe that popular national TV commercial that says “LOVE is what makes a SUBARU!”

They are both, in their own right, just as much of an ignorant, dumbed down, immoral problem in America.

Love is NOT what makes a goddamn car!! That is nothing but marketing BS to the demographic on the left…Targeted customers that Subaru has done focus group studies about, and knows that the word “love” will automatically and very effectively market a product to them. It is the hypocritical use of the word in order to “brand” and sell cars…and in doing so, to make a huge profit, while laughing their asses off in the Subaru boardroom, and all the way to the bank.

SubaruLoveEvent“LOVE” is not what makes a Subaru…What is the matter with all you simpletons on the left who hear that and smile at your spouse like you are Gandhi and have done something comparatively sacrificial and monumental to help humanity by buying a f#*king Subaru?

You are the same idiots who, while denigrating Trump, hypocritically seem to ignore the massive corruption of Hillary Clinton… and more specifically the obviously corrupt history of the Bill and Hillary Clinton political dynasty.

Love is not what makes a Subaru…Love is what does NOT hypocritically look the other way…Love is what brings light to expose corruption and dishonesty where ever it sees it, in both organized religion and in politics…

Love does not condemn…Love does not ‘con’ others…Love does not enrich itself at the expense of the public trust…

Let me tell you what love is…Love is what finally brings an Israeli Jew together with a Palestinian Arab, laying down their arms and their hateful religious beliefs, helping them to at last realize there is no reason for them to be at war with each other because they are spiritual brothers and/or sisters.

Love isn’t what makes a Subaru…And when you see that commercial, it should make you want to vomit at the now accepted “perversion” of the word. And love isn’t what elects either of the likes of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

TrumpHillarypicWhile admittedly Trump is far and above more hateful, socially-toxic and dangerous than the lesser evil of Hillary Clinton, one thing is clear…Our country is in serious trouble my friends, and I’m starting to wonder if there are enough Americans left today who give enough of a damn to speak out and to do what it takes to bring the correction and change that is needed in the name of real love and healing.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all her material on her blog and website at


About Connie Bryan

Writer, comedian and musician, currently residing in Sacramento, CA. Former talk radio personality from Central Florida. Currently doing stand-up comedy and producing/hosting a local TV comedy/variety show on Access Sacramento Channel 17. Please see demo material on my website at

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