childchoirMy ‘SNL’ style impersonation/comedy sketch featuring the typical California public school music and arts teacher today, in the wake of the disgraceful Trump election, teaching her second grade class the song “It’s a Small World” (with minor adjustments to the lyrics)…

“OK children, one more time with feeling…a’1, 2, 3, 4, IT’S A SCREWED WORLD AFTER ALL…IT’S A SCREWED WORLD AFTER ALL – Stop, STOP!  Johnny I’ve told you we don’t use the F-word…”

“Ok a’1, 2, 3, 4, IT’S A SCREWED WORLD AFTER ALL…IT’S A SCREWED WORLD AFTER ALL – Stop, Stop STOP!! Susie please don’t hold up both of your middle fing-Did you paint your middle fingers ORANGE??  That’s not what ‘finger painting’ time is for…”

“OK BIG ENDING kids…IT’S A TRUMP, SCREWED WORLD!!”    Very nice, very nice! A lot of your mouthbreathing, dumb ass Trump voting parents are going to lose their sh#t!           (All the kids cheer wildly with glee!)

trumppinada“Now some of our  Mexican kids brought in a Trump effigy-I mean “Pinada” to bash open during recess (All the kids cheer even more wildly with glee!). ERNESTO! Give me those!…How many times do I have to tell you we don’t play with MATCHES in class??…You do that outside with the pinata and call it a PROTEST!”

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer and comedian in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her blog and website at


About Connie Bryan

Writer, comedian and musician, currently residing in Sacramento, CA. Former talk radio personality from Central Florida. Currently doing stand-up comedy and producing/hosting a local TV comedy/variety show on Access Sacramento Channel 17. Please see demo material on my website at

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