SurgeryPicWhat we are witnessing with Donald Trump and his perversion of the highest office of our land is a clear symptom of a chronic disease within the Republican Party. If the Republican Party were a patient, their doctor would rush them into surgery as soon as possible to attempt to remove the dangerous life threatening tumor.

I will address THE SAME life threatening cancer within the Democratic Party momentarily.

But first…Let’s do a comprehensive recap followed by a current update of the massive evidence of vulgar, corrupt and low character Trump behavior…

mccainwarheroHis mind blowing denigrating of beloved prisoner of war hero Senator John McCain, saying ‘He’s no hero, I like soldiers who DON’T GET CAUGHT'(after Trump himself sought 4 draft deferments to avoid serving in the military)…

His many well reported and documented strong business ties to ORGANIZED CRIME FAMILIES in the building of his casino empire in New York and New Jersey…

trumpivankaHis multiple references ON CAMERA on at least two network television interviews saying that his daughter Ivanka is so hot that if she wasn’t his daughter ‘he’d be dating her’…

The tape from his interview with Access Hollywood that reveals him proudly claiming that because of his star status he can treat women any way he wants, saying that when he meets hot women for the first time, he does whatever he wants including ‘grabbing them by the p#ssy’…

TrumpWallCrowdHis routine hate speech toward Mexican and Muslim immigrants, seeking an absolute Muslim ban on new Muslims coming to America, and repeatedly on the campaign trail characterizing the majority of Mexican immigrants to our country as being nothing but ‘rapists and violent felons'(nothing could be further from the truth)…

trumpunivHis fraudulent “Trump University” that reportedly has defrauded thousands, including many senior citizens, of millions of dollars of their tuition, and which has recently settled for 25 million in order to make the investigation ‘go away’…

And now for a comprehensive update to those and many other corrupt, low character things we have routinely witnessed from Trump just during the campaign alone…he has now engaged in the following compounding lies and bewildering corruption while most of his ‘diseased’ supporters and simpletons react by burying their heads in their hypocritical sandboxes…

trumpflynnTrump flat out lied saying repeatedly during his campaign and after the election that ‘NO MEMBER of my campaign staff has ever had any contact with the Russians’…Then of course it leaked out that one of his closest top advisers, General Flynn, had not only had contact with the Russians, but had received a large sum of money from Russia, and had failed to register as a ‘foreign agent’ for Turkey, where he also was being paid large sums of money…

Flat out IGNORED Attorney General Sally Yates and the Obama administration’s specific warning about Flynn, when Yates came to the White House and told Trump about known intelligence developed on Flynn, and warned him that General Flynn was compromised by the Russians. Trump elected to take no action.

After Trump continued to be asked if any of his campaign or administration had ever talked to the Russians and specifically whether any of them EVER DISCUSSED SANCTIONS with the Russians, Trump continued with his lies to the press saying no…

RussianAmbassadorWe only discovered he was lying ‘big league’ about this when his hand was forced to reluctantly fire General Flynn, after it leaked out that Flynn had in fact been talking to the Russian Ambassador secretively, and that they had absolutely discussed the Russians’ number one concern of the sanctions against them by the United States.

Thankfully we discovered this because Flynn (and apparently some others) had been inadvertently overheard by diligent American intelligence officials who were legally monitoring the communications of known Russian agents such as the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and the Flynn conversations with him were recorded.

TrumpClspTrump begins his nonstop rant ever since, attempting to distract from his cover up attempt by raving against the ‘leaking’ of the information, as though the leaking and revelation of his corrupt dishonesty to the nation is the treasonous problem, and not his administration’s attempting to cover up their communications with the Russians…and this after our election is now known to have been hacked by the Russians in an effort to elect Trump!

But wait, there’s much more…

While Trump can’t say a negative word about monstrous war criminal Vladimir Putin, who is responsible for the violent murders of scores of ethical journalists who reported on his corruption, human rights atrocities and war crimes, and who is responsible for ordering the mass killing of tens of thousands of innocent refugees in both Ukraine and Syria (many of the carpet bombing war planes in Syria were RUSSIAN PILOTS, not just Assad’s Syrian pilots)…

trumpputinbarechestWhile Trump cannot say a negative word about Putin despite the above known facts about his murderous, war crime history in order to hold on to power, and while Trump is known for calling Putin a great leader of all things, we now have the mind-blowing contrast of Trump calling well respected patriot and FBI Director James Comey a total ‘nut job’…

This after Trump was unable to get Comey to be his personal lapdog – After he was unable to get Comey to ‘pledge loyalty’ to him – After he actually asked and was unable to get Comey to DROP the Flynn investigation! (These things being documented by Comey in a detailed memo he wrote documenting the inappropriate communications by Trump in at least two of their private meetings.)

TrumpComeyTrump then seeks out his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and tasks him with writing up an unfavorable memo regarding criticism of Comey, due to Comey’s supposedly ‘unfair treatment’ of Hillary Clinton of all things! Riiiiight…Because we all know Trump thought Hillary was being treated UNFAIRLY by Comey during the campaign!

On the contrary, one could argue that Trump owes Comey a lifelong debt of gratitude for HANDING HIM THE ELECTION with his revealing to the nation that he had re-opened the investigation into her private email communications only a month before election day.

And how do we remember Trump and his supporters reacting? Nothing but nonstop praise of James Comey for being the consummate patriot and professional. So let’s get real.

After Trump’s Deputy Atty General tenders the requested memo Trump asked him to write, Trump summarily FIRES Director Comey, and initially tries to use the Deputy Atty General’s memo and “recommendation” for the firing.

TrumpNBCIntBut in no time at all, during an interview on NBC’s Nightly News, Trump revealed that he was in fact lying about that, and he slips and admits during the interview that he knew long beforehand that he was going to fire Comey, and that his decision was primarily because of his anger regarding the FBI’s ongoing investigation into his administration’s possible ties to Russia…

Not only did Trump admit this as his motivation during the interview, he further added that the FBI’s investigation into his administration is nothing but a “hoax” by the Democrats, angry because they lost the election.

But speaking of ‘hoaxes’, if that wasn’t enough, we then find that Deputy Atty General Rosenstein had become very angry behind the scenes that he had been ‘played’ and used as the initial excuse by the President for the rationale for firing Comey. (This is probably what forced Trump to have the motivation to change that ‘story’ during the NBC interview)…

TrumpRussiansOvalOfcThen unbelievably, what does this corrupt President do? He invites the known top Russian spy leader, Ambassador Kislyak and one of his top Russian colleagues INTO THE OVAL OFFICE. He bans all American reporters and photographers, but ALLOWS a Russian photographer…

During this blatant ‘ass kissing’ of the Russians, Trump reveals top classified intelligence that we hadn’t even revealed to many of our top allies yet, but Trump reveals this sensitive information to one of our KNOWN KEY ADVERSARIES, while entertaining them in the oval office.

What happens immediately after he does so? General McMaster proceeds to lie to the press in an official interview answering questions about this, in which McMasters tells the press that Trump NEVER revealed any sensitive intelligence to the Russians.

But as is becoming the norm with the Trump administration’s culture of dishonesty, this is exposed as a lie. Within 24 hours Trump sends out one of his tweets to the world saying with impunity that as President, he had every right to reveal sensitive information he deems fit to the Russians.

Then within a day or so of this happening, the news leaks from the transcripts of Trump’s meeting with the Russians in the Oval Office that not only did Trump brag about firing Comey for being a ‘crazy nut job’, but that he told the Russians that his firing of Comey was in fact done for the purpose of ending the Russian investigation…specifically that it had eased a lot of pressure and that he was ‘not under investigation’ now.

TrumpOvalOfcWindowTaken together, it is clear at a minimum that Trump has engaged in repeated efforts to impede and/or stop the FBI investigation into his administration’s possible ties to Russia. That is what is called “obstruction of justice”. But that is just at a minimum what we are ultimately going to find he is guilty of. (yes I ended that sentence with a preposition…get over it, we have more pressing concerns)

JaredKushner1On the heels of the above news, NBC is now reporting that the FBI investigation has now identified one of the top senior advisers to the President, Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner, as a key “person of interest.”

KushnerFlynnAs you can see by now, it is impossible to write about this subject in any comprehensive way without feeling like you are writing a dog gone BOOK for crying out loud! But I am doing it in the interest of reminding you of all the things that are happening at a sort of fever pitch…Behavior of a seriously dishonest and corrupt nature that happens so fast, and then the media is on to the next, and you just can’t keep up with it all.

So when you start to forget some of his many compounding lies as you encounter any Trump supporters who try to hit you with their inevitable and bewildering: “What proof do you have?”, you can keep this as a reminder of the proof to refresh your memory (and their’s) of most of the key corrupt Trump lies and cover up attempts taking place over the last few months that are perverting and disgracing the highest office of our land.

Major proof of the actual crimes committed will be coming down the line, as the FBI has revealed that the investigation has expanded from initially just being a counter-intelligence investigation, to now being a full on criminal investigation. They have also revealed that it has expanded to specifically include a major focus on possible financial crimes and money-laundering.

BobMuellerSpecProsBut of course much of it is still confidential in the ongoing FBI investigation, thankfully now being conducted by former FBI director, Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller. But don’t forget this folks…It is often the COVER UP, not the crimes, that brings down a corrupt President.

And the ‘PROOF’ of cover up attempts and their associated compounding lies by Trump and his key staff are repeatedly found left and right. That is what tells us there is something huge there, and that is why Trump told the Russians he had fired Comey to ‘ease the pressure’. It is obvious he is sweating bullets and knows he has a lot to hide.

Now, to payoff my initial statement that this kind of ‘cancerous disease’ is not unique to Republicans…

DNCLogoThere is a lot of talk right now about what has become of the Democratic Party as a result of our major loss in the last Presidential election that has led to this current national crisis and disgrace…There’s a lot of introspection and concern about what direction we need to take to recover from this, and get our ‘mojo’ back, for lack of a better word.

Well I will tell you exactly what the problem is, and it isn’t going to be popular. But understand something…what is ‘popular’ is often NOT what is ethical and moral. And that is at the root of the problem in the Democratic Party.

Honesty about this is required if we are going to heal the disease within our ranks that has led to our low voter turnout and the consequential success by Trump voters in the last election.

The reason that happened is because we have lost SO MANY people who have bailed on our party and become Republicans and/or Independents, who had they not left our party, we would have won hands down…But so many have left our party and continue to do so at present, for the precise reason that they have become sick of the LACK OF VALUES AND ETHICS reflected by the ‘do whatever feels good’ culture embraced by many Liberals and the Democratic Party in general.

What direction does the Democratic Party need to go from here? To get our ‘mojo’ back, we must get our MORALS back…But don’t get me wrong I’m talking about COMMUNITY morals, not religious morals.

Like the cancerous disease in the Republican Party which includes a major hypocritical blend of evangelical religion, Wall Street and corporate corruption and angry white elitism and bigotry…Democrats have a different disease on the other end of the spectrum, so to speak…

LiberalDemsWhile we can recognize there is a need for legal abortion in order for women to control their reproduction the same as a man, we have to STOP CELEBRATING ABORTION. That is the impression our party has given to the world, that Liberals ‘celebrate’ abortion, as though there is nothing about it that is sad, or necessary to be avoided if possible.

We can understand that abortion should be legal, without creating that sick impression that there is nothing about it which reveals a lack of responsibility. We can embrace the moral values that every Liberal Democrat parent should be teaching their daughters: That sex is for adults, because it comes with such incredibly serious adult responsibilities, including getting pregnant and the responsibility of the life of another human being in your hands…

Not to mention the potential for contracting sexually transmitted diseases…Teaching our kids that abortion is an unfortunate, sad LAST RESORT…that is absolutely is nothing to be ‘celebrated’…and that while we as Democrats will defend a woman’s right to control her reproduction, our new adjusted position on this topic is that we hope for abortion to be ‘EARLY and RARE’ as opposed to ‘LATE in a pregnancy and OFTEN’.

That is the biggest evidence of our lack of embracing basic normal community morals and values that has led to many who would otherwise be in our party, to have left the party.

doperAnother strong example of the disease we are contending with within our party is the way Liberals have irresponsibly taken to celebrating RECREATIONAL DRUG USE. We can understand that drug USERS as opposed to “DEALERS” do not need to be imprisoned (Dealers of course DO need to be imprisoned) without attaching to that understanding the sick celebration of marijuana and other recreational drug use, as though there is nothing dangerous or wrong about it!

What kind of message does that send to young people? It certainly does not send a responsible message that embraces community morals and values, I can assure you of that.

Liberals’ common display of CELEBRATION of the right to get high and use recreational drugs has become a hallmark of the general impression Liberals and Democrats have given the world, and that has to change if we are going to be the healing LEADERS that our nation desperately needs right now.

Democrats have to change course and realize that we have to show the world we are taking back the moral ground…Moral ground we mistakenly forsook very irresponsibly in the past…Moral ground that has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with COMMUNITY MORALS, and setting the right HEALTHY EXAMPLE for young people.

When we do that, it will show we have matured and are ready for the responsibility that is needed now from political leaders…Freedom REQUIRES MORAL RESPONSIBILITY. Freedom does not mean you celebrate DOING WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD as long as you aren’t harming others. It doesn’t mean you ignore the fact that a ‘person’ is being harmed when an unborn child is aborted. Moral responsibility recognizes a woman’s right to choose while SIMULTANEOUSLY HOPING SHE CHOOSES LIFE.

In other words, the Democratic Party needs to change course drastically and make it known how THAT is our new platform…We are calling on those who have bolted because of our former immaturity and irresponsibility to return, and we embrace those of you who recognize a woman’s right to choose while yourselves hoping she chooses life for the unborn child.

StonedBabyIt is simple…We have to rid our party of that cancerous disease described above that has abandoned setting a moral healthy common sense example for young people…

To get our party’s MOJO back, we have to realize it is time we get our MORALS back.

And I would tag that with the slogan I recently coined, and I’m hoping maybe the Bernie Sanders camp might embrace it if he will consider running again:

“Bernie Sanders…HINDSIGHT IS 2020”

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at


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