FakeTrumpTimeMagI don’t know if you have heard this latest breaking story, but reporters have disclosed that Trump was found to have fraudulent, faked Time Magazine covers hanging on the wall in some of his private golf clubs. Time magazine is now requesting their removal from the walls of Trump’s clubs.

The more you ponder the level of ‘wrongness’ and egomania behind this latest revelation, you realize it is much more significant than a lot of the media is currently realizing, as they are today now distracted from it by his latest ’12 year old girl style’ attack on Twitter toward NBC’s “Morning Joe” show co-host Mika Brzezinski.

But these fake Time Magazine covers he chose to hang in his private clubs are so emblematic in and of themselves of his deep seeded corrupt and pretentious character, of his destruction of the integrity and dignity of the office of President, and of the overall national disgrace that is the Trump brand. It is far and above, much stronger evidence of the need to remove him from office, than even his sexist tweets about Brzezinski today, taking a shot at her and referring to her ‘bleeding from a facelift.’

They are even more of a disgrace when you see Trump’s latest efforts to routinely refuse to allow cameras in the White House briefings, and when you hear him and his lap dog White House spokespersons Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sean Spicer among others, routinely attacking the media as ‘fake news’ every time the media does their job and exposes him for his weekly pattern of dishonesty and lies…even going so far if you will recall, in tweeting to his angry white followers that the news media is ‘the enemy of the people’.

I shouldn’t even have to point out the obvious threatening and reckless nature of such comments by a Commander-in-Chief. But it is just more of the tidal wave of evidence we see on a regular basis that demonstrates he is far from being fit to hold such an honorable title. That kind of Presidential hate speech, calling the news media the ‘enemy of the people’, is extremely dangerous and can easily result in fringe followers deciding to take it as a call to action to target members of the news media in dutiful, sick acts of violence.

Seeing and hearing this emphasis from Trump, regularly attacking the news reporters as ‘fake news’ who expose his fraudulent behavior, only serves to place a MAGNIFYING GLASS on his giant con game and avalanche of hypocrisy, as we find out he has been placing fake new covers of himself on Time Magazine prominently on the walls of his private golf clubs, in an apparent effort to add to the false FAKE IMAGE of his “success”.

Let’s take a walk down recent ‘memory lane’, and look back at some key examples of the REAL ‘fake news’…

Donald Trump’s authorship…his ‘face on the cover’ as it were, of the entire dishonest “BIRTHER movement,” in which he told us all he was uncovering massive shocking evidence to prove that President OBama was in fact born in Kenya…Of course as we all know, this turned out to be a complete lie and total fake news…

After Trump’s inauguration, his trying to tell the world (along with help from his newly appointed White House ‘purse poodle’ Sean Spicer) that he had the LARGEST turnout in Presidential history on the White House mall grounds that day…

Embarrassingly for Trump, in no short order he was shown to be lying his ass off, as the major news networks quickly showed pictures of both his inauguration and President OBama’s, side by side, from the same time of day…OBama’s packed with standing room only gigantic overflowing crowd…Trump’s looking like the sparse fans at a “Hootie and the Blowfish reunion concert”.

And let’s not forget Trump’s lying repeatedly to all of the major news networks that NONE of his campaign members, and nobody in his administration ever had ANY connections or communication with Russians…

Then of course one after another, lie upon lie kept being proven when we kept finding out that not only had one of his top senior advisers, General Flynn, had contact with the Russians, but that both Flynn AND Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner had met with the Russians TOGETHER. And where might that have happened? You guessed it…TRUMP TOWER!

And since those efforts to cover up those Russian meetings were exposed, the FBI and several other intelligence organizations have let it be known that SEVERAL MORE of Trump’s key staff members during his campaign and afterward have been in contact with Russian individuals, both before and after the campaign…

This is a gigantic group of lies and effort by Trump to cover up that truth that ended up being exposed. What did he do since then? He takes to Twitter and has his ‘spokespoodles’ continue to bark at the media, calling them ‘fake news’ for exposing him.

But we aren’t done showcasing the real con act and the real “fake news” continuing with the greatest hits from Trump’s lies…

In the middle of the F.B.I.’s investigation of possible Trump administration ties to Russia, he fires F.B.I. Director James Comey, and then tells the news media that the reason he did so had NOTHING to do with the Russian investigation that Comey was leading. He initially tries to say that it was only on the recommendation of his Deputy Atty General Rob Rosenstein…

Then what does Trump do? He can’t help himself…He goes on “NBC Tonight” and gives an interview on the topic, in which he just can’t help but slip up without realizing it…As much as he loves to hear himself talk, he ends up accidentally admitting in the moment that in fact, he absolutely WAS going to fire Comey all along, had already made up his mind to do so WELL BEFORE any recommendation from Rosenstein…And if that wasn’t enough, he added in that interview that it was entirely all BECAUSE he was angry at Comey for CONTINUING THE RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION!

Again, what does the man do who we have now exposed for hanging FAKE Time Magazine covers of himself in his golf clubs after that huge corrupt lie and clear OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE was exposed?

He continues to tweet to his angry white foaming at the mouth supporters that those who are reporting these things…Those who simply AIRED THE INTERVIEW in which he exposed HIMSELF as a liar…all of that is ‘fake news’…But wait, we still aren’t done with the greatest hits…

After he fired Comey, and soon after it was leaked that Trump had pressed Comey for LOYALTY of all things during a private dinner they had back in January of 2017, Trump decides to harass Comey by again tweeting a complete lie, leading the American people to believe that he had privately recorded Comey during their private dinner meeting. Trump tweeted words to the effect that “Comey better hope their aren’t ‘tapes’ of our conversation during our meeting”.

As a result, the news media and all of the key leaders in both the House and the Senate began asking nonstop for Trump to produce any ‘tapes’ he had made. Due to this inexcusable lie from Trump, which some legal experts claim rises to a higher level of crime even than ‘obstructing’, actually qualifying as ‘witness tampering’, it resulted in subpoenas being sent from Congress intelligence committees investigating the Russian interference in our election, demanding that Trump produce said ‘tapes’ that he had referred to having in his possession.

FORTY ONE DAYS LATER, after he led the nation to believe for all that time that he may have secret White House recordings, he finally once again in a Presidential tweet, says words to the effect “I don’t know if any such tapes exist, but I didn’t make any such recordings”.

Do you see the pattern of not only dishonesty, but of the non-stop con artist game playing of Trump? Most of the country…I say ‘most’ reflected by Hillary getting the majority vote, and taking into account all the Republicans and Independents who also knew better than to vote for this ‘walking McDonald’s dumpster fire’ of Donald Trump, could see this plain as day from the beginning.

What you need to understand is that this nonstop con artist game playing by Trump is a fundamental element of his character, and it is completely THE REASON WHY he would apparently do something so dishonest as to hang fake Time magazine covers of himself in his private golf clubs…

You have to remember that Trump not only GETS a huge charge of amusement out of the constant game he’s running of FAKENESS and PRETENTION…creating the constant pretense that he is so much more successful than he is…But he desperately NEEDS that charge that he gets from it in order to protect his fragile ‘Napoleon complex’ ego.

It is dangerous beyond description to have someone as unfit, corrupt and dishonest as this, holding the office of President and the leader of the free world. He is making an international mockery of the integrity of the office on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of Connie’s material on her website and blog at http://www.conniebryan.com)


About Connie Bryan

Writer, comedian and musician, currently residing in Sacramento, CA. Former talk radio personality from Central Florida. Currently doing stand-up comedy and producing/hosting a local TV comedy/variety show on Access Sacramento Channel 17. Please see demo material on my website at www.conniebryan.com.

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