HomelessGirlHere in the Capitol of California, just like many other cities across our country, we are dealing with a growing homeless population that is in dire need of help, shelter and services. With that in mind, I want to address some recent unacceptable and hypocritical behavior by some local residents in two communities in the Sacramento area, whose comments were proudly featured recently in our local Sacramento Bee.

Despite the deep despair homeless individuals have to bear day in and day out, not knowing where they will be allowed to sleep, or if they will just be able to stay warm enough…not knowing whether they will be robbed during the night, or where their next meal will come from…

HomelessColdDespite those challenges, they are up against a surprising number of selfish members in our community who you can bet are almost always die hard Trump supporters, and who to be honest, are ironically the REAL UNDESIRABLES…

People like the lady who has created a popular Sacramento Facebook Group in the community of Landpark called “Landpark Society”, and who I’ve been told loves riding around in her nice comfy SUV taking all the video she can find with her cell phone of the homeless under the overpass, who are trying to find some shade and shelter. Then she reports them to the police while posting the videos online and on Facebook.

HomelessNeighborThis gallant member of our community was quoted in a recent newspaper story saying, “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen it” and “It’s not up to us to come up with a solution”. Actually, the ‘worst’ our community is seeing is more reflected from you, lady…And actually, it IS ‘up to us’ to create solutions to help these people. They are our neighbors just as much as your golf or bridge playing ‘Landpark Society!’

But the ‘worst’ gets worse…

When our Sacramento City leaders recently announced they were moving forward with plans to create a desperately needed homeless temporary housing facility on the north side, residents came out of the woodwork to angrily lash out at the homeless, and call such plans an ‘unfair burden’ on them…

NSacChamberPeople like Mr. Shane Curry, the PRESIDENT of the North Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, who was actually quoted like a spoiled crybaby with his way over the top hyperbole in the paper saying, “They might as well start selling nuclear waste sites around here” and “It’s not like these people (referring to those seeking help and shelter) are going to become contributing, productive citizens”

Homeless97YrsOldHomeless people seeking help have it bad enough without those who have it SO GOOD making it so much harder for them to get help and services to get back on their feet again. The TRUTH is, those like Curry who behave and speak in such a selfish way in the face of so much dire need, end up revealing themselves to be the REAL ‘undesirables’ in a community that knows it is long overdue that we rise to the challenge and provide shelter and services for these suffering ‘down but not out’ neighbors of ours.

HomelessDecrimHearing those absolutely untrue and unwarranted judgmental words from Mr. Curry, I could say the same thing about him…Because such ugly, selfish and uncaring comments speak volumes, and often call into question whether the one speaking them is a ‘contributing, productive citizen’!

HomelessFlagPeople with the mindset Mr. Curry is angrily showcasing often ironically consider themselves to be a ‘Christian’…You know how Conservative, often Trump supporter types love to wave their Bibles around and wrap themselves in either the American flag or the Confederate flag, or BOTH…

Well, if you believe in the teachings of Jesus, what would Jesus say about Mr. Curry’s comments, or about the behavior of the lady with the Facebook group ratting out the homeless under the overpass?

HomelessBagBlanketJesus said ‘that which you do to the LEAST of my children, you do to ME!’

Remember how Jesus was known for rebuking the local greedy Pharisees and temple hypocrites as being the opposite of God’s love?…I don’t think he’d handle this issue any different today…

Something for Mr. Curry and the “Landpark Society” Facebook Nazi lady to think about maybe?

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at http://www.conniebryan.com)


About Connie Bryan

Writer, comedian and musician, currently residing in Sacramento, CA. Former talk radio personality from Central Florida. Currently doing stand-up comedy and producing/hosting a local TV comedy/variety show on Access Sacramento Channel 17. Please see demo material on my website at www.conniebryan.com.

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