I can’t believe what we are seeing every day, and I can’t believe the horribly bad things done by others toward their fellow man that I am having to wade through every day in the newspaper, in preparing for my local cable access television program.

Everything from the THOUSANDS of Christian Catholic pedophile priests and their KNOWN epidemic of raping of boys being allowed to go unchecked for so long by the Vatican for decades now, with MORE episodes coming to light all the time…

To our nation’s love affair with guns and killing, including recent episodes of police shootings resulting in victims being shot an excessive number of times, and not in the front but in the back, while the claim is made that the individual was thought to have been ‘pointing a gun’ at them (why then would there end up being so many shots to the victim’s back? And why is it so often the case that the police body camera footage is not available to prove the matter, and said to have accidentally been turned off, etc?)…

To a young 27 year old Sacramento Deputy Sheriff who was needlessly gunned down and killed yesterday because allegedly some local Sacramento rapper armed with a gun decided to open fire on him as he and his partner responded to a disturbance call at a Sacramento Pep Boy’s store…

To an eerily similar case of a young rookie deputy sheriff in rural Trinity County last week, who was only in his first few weeks on the job, and was also shot and killed as he arrived to a family disturbance call…a call that the Sheriff of that county himself was initially going to respond to, but this young deputy volunteered to handle it for him. As he arrived to the resident’s driveway, the resident opened fire, ambushing him with a AK47 high powered assault rifle, shooting him in the face through the windshield of his squad car…

To a little 3 year old girl who was shot and killed while playing inside her own house in South Sacramento recently. The shooter is yet unknown, and was responsible for firing the fatal shot in the direction of the house, the bullet penetrating the dwelling and hitting the 3 year old child. She was taken off of life support yesterday after having been unresponsive in intensive care for the last week.

To the frequent out and out celebration and encouragement of both recreational drug use and abortion, more and more by liberals in our communities. It is one thing to agree that pot use should be de-criminalized…It is entirely another thing to constantly be beating the irresponsible, dishonest drumbeat and Liberal mantra that marijuana use is ‘harmless’, when it has been shown in many recent studies to be very harmful and destructive, ESPECIALLY while the young brain is still developing (up to age 25).

How many dope users do you think STARTED using pot AFTER age 25? And how many of those addicted to much stronger drugs being used for ‘recreation’ do you think DID NOT start with marijuana?
For the longest time I have considered myself to be a moderate Progressive Liberal, but more and more the irresponsible things I hear coming from the mouths of Liberals, and as such, their resulting horrible example for young people, is just disgusting from a moral perspective.

None of the above is the world that I am creating. It is behavior on both sides that COMMON SENSE should teach us to know better!

It is, in fact, a world that very immoral, selfish and ignorant people from both sides of the political aisle are creating in our communities across this nation…

Both the immoral Trump supporters with their ‘dog whistle’ race baiting, looking the other way to all the obvious criminal corruption of Donald Trump and his dutiful treasonous partnership efforts with Vladimir Putin, along with their hate for Mexican and Muslim immigrants that inexcusably can be seen to widely appeal to a hypocritical Christian evangelical base…

And the other side of the spectrum, as I mentioned above, with what can often be described as a bizarre ‘conformity of celebration’ around recreational drug use and abortion on demand by Liberals who think that ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ means advocating for the doing of anything and everything that just feels good, without teaching healthy values and responsibility to young people, so that they learn as I did as a child, about healthy BOUNDARIES within which to live a safe and productive life, hopefully abortion and drug-free!

Yes, OF COURSE abortion should be legal for all women to have control over their reproduction. But goddamn it, can we please agree that it needs NOT TO BE CELEBRATED like it has no long term psychological consequence, and can we please at least agree it absolutely needs to happen EARLY before the unborn baby develops to have a discernible heart beat?

You people on the left who don’t understand such common sense, basic moral human values are just as big of a sickness in our nation as those responsible for electing this disgrace of a human being, Donald Trump.

What I’m writing about here has absolutely nothing to do with a Bible perspective or an organized religion perspective…On the contrary, it has everything to do with a common sense human values perspective, and LIVING BY PROPER EXAMPLE to set the right example for young people.

Ironically the church and organized religion can be seen to be a fraud, both from the vast epidemic of child raping by Catholic priests gone completely UNCHECKED by their superiors who have time and time again tried to cover it up, to the vast number of Christian evangelicals who have wildly supported the corruption and racism of the Trump administration.

But when we awaken to spiritual truth and real spiritual enlightenment, we see the LIES that the church tried to teach us, that we are ‘separate’ from what God is…We learn that is the biggest lie of all, taught by the church to keep you unaware of your true Divine nature, and in fear and in ‘sheep-like’ submission to them.

When we awaken to spiritual truth, we learn that we are ALL a PART of what “God” is, and the ignorance that led us to behave so badly and so irresponsibly is replaced by the humbling realization that we have a responsibility to BE THE LOVE OF GOD that our brothers and sisters need…

That we have a responsibility to set the right and healthy example for young people of how to avoid not only violence and guns, but also the importance of recognizing the destructive nature of all ‘recreational drugs’…

And to avoid sex as an ‘amusement park ride’, living by example for young people, teaching that while abortion is an available last option for such an irresponsible mistake, it is best avoided by recognizing the adult responsibility that comes with sex with another human being…

When you wake up to spiritual truth, you wake up to understanding that sex with another person is not a trivial, meaningless act of ‘recreation’…It is a SPIRITUAL CONNECTION between to spirits, never ever meant to be taken lightly like it is a ride at the county fair, especially because it is the act that leads to the bringing of another life into this dimension. Yet many Liberals today are hateful toward anyone like me exposing their immoral irresponsible advocating of the opposite.

Most importantly, when you wake up to real spiritual truth, you wake up to the knowledge that there is NO CONDEMNATION in the name of “God”. Love cannot condemn by definition. Love can only forgive. However, in doing so Love is not a doormat…it will bring healing correction.

What I have learned in my spiritual awakening, and in my daily desire more than anything else to bring healing to others, is that healing will come ONLY WHERE IT WILL BE RECEIVED, and many are resistant to receiving it and wish to remain in the unhealthy mindset they are currently in.

We are all equal parts of what the Divine is, and we are here to learn the lessons we all have to learn in these areas as I have described. Some of us will take longer than others, and will make bigger and worse mistakes than others, in the process of ‘waking up’ spiritually.

There are consequences for such ignorant bad behavior, but no one is condemned.

Many will have to deal with the very painful consequences of their ugly ‘anti-golden rule’ behavior toward others until they learn the lessons they have no choice but to ultimately learn. That is the definition of ‘karma’.

But the majority of us who ARE waking up to these truths have an obligation to speak out more, and to be the healing CORRECTIVE change by example, that will unsettle this sick conformity of those behaving in the above listed ways on both sides of the political aisle.

This rampant ugliness, violence, racism and religious condemnation in the name of God is NOT the world we are creating, and we have an obligation to speak louder to call it out and change it now.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at


The Religious Origin of ‘Gas Lighting’

The reason why it is true that bigotry is rooted in ‘fear’ is because the primary source of racist and bigoted thinking comes from the wrong-minded, false and dishonest way many choose to identify with ‘safety’. No better example is found than organized religion to demonstrate this fact…

Put another way, the unimaginable degree of ‘gas lighting’ lies by Trump and his dutiful followers largely supported and echoed by many evangelicals, Jews and Catholics, are only eclipsed ironically by the even larger degree of the same kind of bigoted gas lighting in the teachings of organized religion.

A true understanding of real spirituality at its fundamental core is to understand that ALL of us in all our diversity are BROTHERS AND SISTERS…And not just brothers and sisters, but in all our diversity we are each and every one an EQUAL PART OF WHAT “GOD” IS.

No one is of any ‘preferred or chosen race’ as the Old Testament tries to brainwash Christians and Jews to believe over and over. That is the definition of elitism and bigotry, to have a religion that at its foundation conditions its believers to accept that God chose a race of people to be ‘holy’ and preferred/chosen over all others.

This is clearly seen as a bigoted, man-made ‘gas lighting’ teaching, masquerading as ‘God’s word’. It is astounding that it has been embraced by so many for so long. But between this root false teaching in the Bible, and the many other gas lighting false teachings in the Old and New Testaments that repeatedly condition ‘believers’ that all who DON’T believe are going to burn in Hell – between these two main gas lighting, man-made religious lies, we can see one of the main examples of what I referred to above…

That being the bigoted way that predominantly white people over the centuries have been conditioned by those in power, to embrace those elitist beliefs in order to convince themselves that they and their like-minded kind will be ‘safe’.

In other words, xenophobic ‘culture protectionism’ is at the direct root of the origins of such false religious teachings that have ZERO to do with an understanding of real love and real spiritual truth.

And this is largely why we are seeing so many Christians gleefully caught up in this current loathsome Trump disgrace…Make no mistake, it is primarily because they are angered and revolted by the fundamental American values that contribute to our fast growing and racially diverse ‘melting pot’ in the United States, with whites projected by the last census to become the minority in America in a quarter century.

Lest anyone reading this think they can get away with lying and denying that such ‘white tribalism’ is a big part of what is clearly fueling Trump’s base, let me share the following recent quote just this week from Fox News personality Laura Ingraham, a well known, high profile Trump supporter who said this on her show:

“The America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore… Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people. And they’re changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us don’t like.”

On its face, as the law would say, this is ‘prima facie’ evidence of the exact OPPOSITE of love. White Trump supporters hate the racial ‘demographic’ changes they see in America, and ironically their evangelical ‘Christianity’ is supporting that disdain. This is beyond shameful.

We are seeing hateful example after hateful example of this white elitism mentality from Trump’s base, wildly supported by Christian evangelicals. I know first hand of this because I have a mother who is of this very sick evangelical Christian mindset, and who hypocritically voted for Trump despite all that we knew of these corrupt, bigoted things about his personality long before the last election.

The concept of love is completely ‘bastardized’…one could even say ‘weaponized’ by organized religion, by stripping it of its fundamental UNCONDITIONAL definition. Instead, Christians and Muslims both replace that unconditional part with their entirely ‘CONDITIONAL’ definition for who they believe is entitled to ‘God’s love’. This is at the root of the man-made bigotry of religion as opposed to real spiritual truth.

First of all, love doesn’t require a sick human or animal ‘blood sacrifice atonement’. How did so many people just accept such a sick ‘gas lighting’ story as the story of Abraham in the Old Testament, trying to ‘sacrifice’ his son Isaac on an altar, all to satisfy a sick God who needed a human or animal blood lust to be satisfied??

The answer of course is partly because CHILDREN have been and continue to be routinely taught this story by Jews and Christians in Sunday School for centuries. If you tried to teach such sick things to a fully grown adult, they’d laugh you out of the room for the 5150 whack job you clearly would be.

Love does not require a human sacrifice or animal sacrifice to satisfy a ‘blood lust’ by some external God. We understand such behavior would be ‘Satanic’ and an example of ‘devil worship’, yet we IGNORE it when it is a fundamental bedrock of Jewish and Christian doctrine??

Real spiritual understanding and love by definition does NOT look at all things as ‘sinful’. Love by definition on the contrary, understands that all things are FORGIVEN. And those who are behaving badly in opposition to love are on their own path and continuum on which they will eventually learn the life lessons they will have no choice but to learn, ultimately finding the healing they need. This is where ‘karma’ comes into play for many.

And the purpose for the rest of us who have already learned these spiritual truths, is to do our best to speak out, live by example and bring CORRECTION and HEALING to those around us who need that correction and healing, always doing so with the understanding as stated above, that there IS NO CONDEMNATION…That ALL THINGS ARE FORGIVEN.

But that doesn’t mean all those who are behaving so badly right now can do so without consequences. There is no condemnation, but there IS ‘karma’, which involves those consequences that the Divine spiritual universe we are all a part of will bring to resistant, hateful minds, in order to ultimately wake them up and bring healing to them.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

AMERICA’S SHAME: Normalizing Immoral Lies and ‘White Tribalism’ at Expense of Goodness and Moral Values

Trump supporters are America’s shame, but many others who didn’t vote for Trump, and who have zero principles and zero courage are JUST AS MUCH to blame for normalizing this mind blowing degree of ‘gas lighting’ and immoral lies, doing so at the expense of basic goodness and moral values.

America has lost its moral compass on BOTH sides of the aisle in key areas, all in the interest of either greed and material gain, ‘white tribalism’ and racism most predominantly on the Right… or the shameful effort on the left to ‘celebrate’ and normalize getting high on recreational drugs and doing anything and everything just because it ‘FEELS GOOD’ or BECAUSE WE CAN TAX IT FOR STATE REVENUE, with blatant and total disregard for setting the right example for young people.

As we are witnessing this national disgrace caused by those who elected this well known career pathological liar and con-artist to our nation’s highest office, we also can’t lose sight of the above…that being the erosion of moral, healthy community values on the LEFT that has consequently had a great deal to do with the moral corruption on the RIGHT being enabled to accomplish such a shameful victory in the first place.

Now, the rest of us – fortunately I believe still in the majority – are tasked with cleaning up this giant pile of horse sh#t that Trump supporters have left on the White House carpet for the last year and a half. And we need many more of you to wake up to what has real value in life…We need you to stop the destructive, stupid and unhealthy doper behavior, throw away your ‘recreational drugs’ and join the rest of us in making America GOOD AGAIN!

There is no excuse – What we are witnessing is unconscionable as Americans. We must do BETTER than this! On BOTH sides of the aisle, we must do BETTER THAN THIS!

And make no mistake, the integrity and ‘good values’ that I’m writing about here have absolutely NOTHING to do with religion…Ironically, this Trump disgrace, with his campaign and administration built on lies, has been largely CAUSED and enabled by the majority of church going “Christians”.

No, the integrity and ‘good values’ that we must re-embrace on BOTH sides of the political aisle have entirely to do with HUMAN VALUES and THE GOLDEN RULE, which predate Christianity and Judaism by thousands of years.

Today we hear Trump’s lapdog lawyer Rudy Giuliani now trying to say that even if there was ‘collusion’ by Trump with the Russians, he doesn’t see how that amounts to a ‘crime’.

Despite the obvious truth, and one that Special Prosecutor Mueller knows all too well, that being that there is a HUGE felonious crime involved in conspiracy with a foreign national adversary to interfere with our democracy, such a statement in general is just utterly insane. I believe I can go so far as to say that one shouldn’t be able to call themselves a patriotic American and accept such a bizarre effort by Giuliani to somehow seek to defend such treasonous behavior.

Words almost can’t be found to describe the degree of gas lighting we are witnessing. If you still aren’t yet familiar with the term ‘gas lighting’, it’s high time you were educated:

It’s basically someone lying so much about something to people, mainly those in their supportive base, that those supporters decide to believe those lies despite the obvious facts and truth…Despite what they can see is actually happening in front of their very eyes to the contrary. This becomes a very sick ‘group think’ danger to the rest of the country.

The best example is Hans Christian Andersen’s age old story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The emperor in the story was obsessed with wearing only the finest clothes. He had a new fancy coat for every hour of the day. Swindlers came to him one day and, well here’s a snippet from the story:

“They said they could weave the most magnificent fabrics imaginable. Not only were their colors and patterns uncommonly fine, but clothes made of this cloth had a wonderful way of becoming invisible to anyone who was unfit for his office, or who was unusually stupid.

“Those would be just the clothes for me,” thought the Emperor. “If I wore them I would be able to discover which men in my empire are unfit for their posts. And I could tell the wise men from the fools.”

So the emperor in the story believed the lie that he was wearing a wondrously beautiful new wardrobe when in fact he was OBVIOUSLY naked! And as he paraded down the street in front of his kingdom completely naked, all his dutiful subjects cheered him on and bought into the gas lighting lies that he was so adorned.

The reason this story is such a perfect example in comparison with Donald Trump, is because the emperor believed that if anyone dared to question his ‘gas lighting’ lies, and if anyone dared to claim that he was in fact completely naked, that would just be proof that they were his ‘ENEMY’…

And we can never forget Trump’s dangerous insistence while in office that the free press is the ‘enemy of the people’. He has said this many times.

As I wrote immediately after hearing him make that statement the first time, Trump was knowingly placing journalists in harm’s way by making such an assertion, while his shameful base dutifully cheered such a reckless ‘naked emperor’ proclamation. Don’t forget the disturbing tweet Trump sent out that portrayed a picture of him just outside a wrestling ring, physically beating a reporter from CNN. If you have ‘selective memory’ and have chosen to forget about that tweet by Trump, GOOGLE IT!

When we first read that story of the emperor’s new clothes as a kid, we laughed out loud and thought it to be utterly ridiculous. We thought that it could never happen. But now, when we see it happening every day in America right before our eyes, we realize the dangerous times in which we are living.

Now more than ever, human values, integrity and setting the right example for young people need to be embraced, not celebrating getting high on recreational drugs or claiming you just don’t care about ‘politics’, the result of both mindsets having been giant contributors to enabling this corruption on the Right to be able to elect such a disgracefully corrupt and unfit individual to the White House.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

Former FBI Asst. Director: “Trump Family Organized Crime”

It was nice to hear Frank Figliuzzi today, former FBI Assistant Director of Counter Intelligence, state live on MSNBC that Donald Trump is and has been engaged in ‘organized crime’…He specifically referred to the Trump family as clearly an organized crime family unto itself. Again, this is a former FBI Assistant Director of Counter Intelligence.

As many of my readers know, I have been writing about Trump’s deep connections with organized crime since before Trump’s disgraceful election by Republicans and Independents, many of whom are even cops and working in law enforcement, who know of those documented mafia connections and still called him the “law enforcement candidate”.

The monumental shame and lack of basic moral principle behind such a mentality, especially reflected by arguably the vast majority in such a field of public service, is what I call a desperate “911 emergency wake up call” of its own to the rest of the American people.

And if the above wasn’t disgraceful enough, over the weekend we witnessed Donald Trump going out of his way to mock and sarcastically denigrate former George H.W. Bush’s well known call to volunteerism, when he referred to the large growing numbers of caring and loving volunteers as being comparable to ‘a thousand points of light’ across the country…

Trump proceeded to mock that statement at a Montana rally this past weekend, asking the crowd if anyone knew ‘what the hell that even means’? His disgraceful sheep-like followers hooted with cheers and applause as he further scoffed at and put down such a call for caring, integrity and goodness that was the OBVIOUS message of Bush’s ‘thousand points of light’ speech.

Trump told the crowd that his motto ‘Make America Great Again’ was what everyone understands, and again sarcastically mocked the ‘thousand points of light’ as being an example in his opinion of the opposite message that American’s don’t care about.

And such a statement by Trump reveals everything about his lack of morals…Such a statement reveals everything about his lack of even an ounce of integrity and good character. Because understand this…The fundamental foundation that makes any country “GREAT” is first and foremost the measure of the GOODNESS and BENEVOLENCE of its people!

Trump’s denigrating of Bush’s ‘thousand points of light’ context in that regard is exhibit A of his and his followers’ utter contempt for that truth. It is exhibit A of why they, including so many in law enforcement, chose to call him the ‘law enforcement candidate’, even having been made aware of his deep connections with organized crime.

Good Americans cannot allow this national shame and disgrace to be tolerated or ‘normalized’.

In addition to the above, during the same Montana rally, Trump continued to show his adoration for one of the biggest human rights abusers alive today, that being Russian President Vladimir Putin. He mentioned many Americans’ deep concerns and the media’s reporting that Putin is “KGB”…Trump again was very sarcastic in bringing such concerns up during his speech, and proceeded to say that “Putin is fine”, and added, “we’re all just people”.

As anyone knows who has not been living in a ‘partisan cave’ for the last decade, Putin is the opposite of ‘fine’ or a ‘fine person’…He is the opposite of ‘the fine people’ he has often killed and abused.

He is responsible for propping up one of this decades’ most monstrous genocidal killers, that being Syria’s President Assad, who has used chemical gas on his own people on multiple occasions, with many HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of innocent refugees murdered in his ongoing genocidal war to hold on to power. Putin has ACTIVELY SUPPORTED Assad in doing so.

In addition, Putin is responsible for countless dissidents being poisoned, murdered and jailed just for trying to speak out in the media about his rigged elections and human rights atrocities, and for trying to call for electoral reform and for others to run against him, etc. He is also responsible for the same kind of murderous acts against many reporters and journalists who did the same.

In addition, Putin the ‘fine man’ Trump refers to, is also responsible for the Russian downing of an airliner over Ukraine during his invasion of Crimea, which cost the lives of hundreds of innocent human beings. And I’m just listing but a short list of only a few of his most recent human rights atrocities…there are many, many more.

But Trump’s supporters, who he recently referred to in another recent rally speech as ‘SUPER ELITES’ to giant applause, just shamefully continue to make an active choice to IGNORE these truths, while Trump calls Putin “fine” and still repeatedly continues to question the established documented facts from not just our intelligence agencies, but confirmed by international intelligence agencies of our allies in Europe and abroad, that Putin actively interfered with our Presidential election in the interest of helping Trump get elected.

His supporters dutifully bury their heads in their “MAGA sandboxes”, actively refusing to face the obvious reality that Putin clearly has Trump in his pocket, and this is a clear and present danger – a dire threat to the security of our nation and our democracy.

Again, good Americans cannot allow this shameful behavior and lack of moral principle to be tolerated or normalized. If you have not been speaking out about this, it’s imperative you begin letting your voice be heard at every reasonable opportunity as we approach the midterm election in November 2018.

The question is not ‘will honorable Americans hold Trump accountable’…That is absolutely going to happen. The question is how quickly are we going to do it, so as to minimize the extent of damage to our democracy that he and his shameful, sheep-like followers will be allowed to inflict?

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

Connie Bryan’s “IG Inspector Senate Hearing” SNL Style Comedy Sketch

(The following is Connie Bryan’s unofficial transcript of part of the recent U.S. Senate hearing, questioning Inspector General Michael Horowitz about his report into whether there was bias in the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton private email investigation…While it may not be exactly ‘verbatim’, it reflects the overall ‘gist’ of the proceedings in Connie’s opinion…In traditional Saturday Night Live style, picture Connie Bryan in the role of Senator Amy Klobuchar, Will Ferrell as IG Inspector Horowitz, and Alec Baldwin as the senior Senate Hearing Moderator/Chairperson)


Moderator: The Chair recognizes the gentle lady from Minnesota, Senator Amy Klobuchar

Sen: Thank you Chairman…Insp Horowitz, let’s get right to the heart of the matter… Are you familiar with the television show Law & Order? (Side note for the reader…Yes, Senator Klobuchar DID actually make references and comparison to the TV show “Law and Order” during her time speaking during the hearings)

Insp: Uhhh (looking around surprised) YES?… Yes Senator, I’m familiar with the TV show.

Sen: Would it be accurate to say that the first half of Law and Order is always dedicated to the criminal investigation by the FBI, and the second half of the show is always devoted to the DA’s prosecution?

Insp: Ummm, I’ll have to take your word on that Senator…but don’t ask me when they schedule their commercial breaks (ha ha ha)

Sen: What are you trying to be, a stand up comic or an IG Inspector? That wasn’t very funny…I’d advise you to keep your day job Inspector…Now, would you ever have ANY reason to question the ethics or integrity of any of the FBI agents on the cast of Law & Order?

Insp: Senator, no… but you know they are actors right?

Sen: Let it be noted on the record that the inspector indicated he recognizes the honesty and integrity of ALL of the cast members portraying the FBI on Law & Order…

Now, Inspector, Let’s say FBI agent Dean Porter, while investigating a famous money laundering, mob connected, womanizing real estate mogul with, let’s say a history of defrauding students at his fraudulent college, and of failing to pay contractors who did work for him, forcing them to sue him so that he could get them to settle for hundreds of thousands less…

And let’s say of trying to use ‘imminent domain’ to force an elderly woman to sell her property to him just for the purposes of building a ‘limousine garage’ for his New Jersey casino, not to mention a history of not wanting to rent to minorities…most specifically blacks in his housing projects…And let’s say with an admitted history of bragging about sexually assaulting women just because of his star status…

If while agent Porter was investigating this individual, let’s say he were to TEXT another agent with a comment, expressing his opinion that this individual was CLEARLY a “LOATHSOME HUMAN BEING”… How would that in any way tarnish the moral integrity of his investigation of said real estate mogul?

Insp: Senator, I’m not sure I completely follow you?

Sen: Inspector, It’s obvious what I’m saying… Wouldn’t ANY viewer with an ounce of moral fiber, who was tuning in to the show…Wouldn’t they ALREADY ALSO have determined in their mind, that said real estate mogul was, at a MINIMUM, a “LOATHSOME HUMAN BEING”? And as a matter of additional fact, wouldn’t you agree that the ONLY REASON the millions of fans of Law and Order would be watching IN THE FIRST PLACE, is because they want to see that “loathsome human being” brought to justice??

Insp: Ummm, Senator, once again…You DO understand the character on the show you keep referring to, agent Dean Porter, is NOT an actual FBI agent? He’s an character played by actor Vincent Spano.

Sen: Inspector, what does that have to do with the price of Stormy Daniels in China? And I’m asking the questions here… Would you have any reason to believe that ANY such comment by Special Agent Spano, during his investigation of such an obviously loathsome suspect, that indicated his personal opinion that he believed the suspect was in fact ‘LOATHSOME’…would such an honest comment in any way indicate an unfair, ‘BIASED’ investigation, so that the D.A. would not be able to continue with a fair prosecution during the second half of the show?

Insp: Ummm, I’d prefer not to engage in these kind of Hollywood hypotheticals Senator.

Sen: You are clearly dodging my question, Inspector…You have already indicated on the record that you recognize the integrity of the cast of Law and Order, to the extent that they represent the FBI on America’s beloved crime series…Now I’m asking you ONE MORE TIME… If you were watching said episode of Law & Order, maybe with your significant other, let’s say after a glass or two of Bordeaux…and you’re cuddling together on the couch, maybe hoping for a little ‘action’ after the episode…

CHAIRMAN: Ah, excuse me, but I will need to ask the Senator from Minnesota to please avoid such unnecessary detailed descriptives of a personal nature here today, and to move on with her question please!

Sen: Yes of course, my apologies… My point is…What was my point? Oh yes, my point was Inspector, if you were watching the aforementioned Law and Order episode, wouldn’t you yourself have likely already expressed to your significant other, words to the effect that this fraudulent, mob connected, money laundering and womanizing real estate mogul was OBVIOUSLY a ‘loathesome human being’? YES or NO?? REMEMBER sir, you are under oath.

Insp: I just…OK, I just want to make SURE that I understand the question you are asking Senator…Reading between the lines, it APPEARS you are asking me if I, and most of the millions of fans of Law and Order, think that DONALD TRUMP is obviously a ‘loathesome human being’?… And that by simply recognizing that obvious truth OUT LOUD or in a TEXT, would an FBI investigator be in any way jeopardizing his or her investigation?

Sen: GOOD GRIEF, YES! Yes of COURSE that is what I am asking you Inspector!! Would you please answer the question in the interest of my time?

Insp: Senator, like I said before, I don’t want to engage in hypotheticals here today…But I WILL say, if you were to ask me, if I walked out of my house to go to work in the morning, and there were very dark and threatening clouds in the sky, wouldn’t I bring an umbrella because it was obvious it might rain?

Sen: Yes, YES Inspector, exactly!! And your response would be??

Insp: On second thought, while I’d like to answer your question Senator, my hands are tied because that again is a hypothetical, and I’ve been asked by those who charged me with producing this IG report , NOT to engage in any hypotheticals.

Sen: And I think we can assume that those who charged you with producing this report are likely NOT honorable American fans of Law and Order, would you agree with that assessment Inspector?

Insp: Senator, I can’t vouch for whether or not Atty General Jeff Sessions is a fan of the show Law and Order. However, I DO know he has frequently asked me on occasion if I recalled various episodes of “Swamp Pawn Stars” , “Honey Boo Boo” and “The Beverly Hillbillies”.

Sen: My time is almost up Inspector Horowitz, but I do have one more line of questioning…Did you see the Law and Order episode where –

CHAIRMAN: Excuse me Senator, but I really must question your obsession with constantly referring to this FICTIONAL television series in your questions here today.

Sen: EXCUSE ME, Mr. Chairman!… But Law and Order is NOT just a ‘fictional TV series’…it is the GOLD STANDARD by which most Americans today understand the operations of the Federal Bureau of Investigations…And I would caution you about undermining the show in any way during these proceedings today, at your own political peril!

Moderator: Senator, I’m not undermining the show, but I am asking you to please, in God’s name, wrap this up!

Sen: Thank you…Now, Inspector, as I was saying, did you SEE the episode of Law and Order where agent Dean Porter was investigating a Hollywood, high profile serial sexual predator?

Insp: Uhh, yes actually I did…I don’t watch the show a lot, but my wife is a BIG Law and Order fan, and we actually watched a re-run together of that very episode last week…Ironically it WAS after a couple glasses of wine…and I WAS hoping to get a little act-

CHAIRMAN: ONCE AGAIN, I can’t believe I have to do this, but it appears I need to caution EVERYONE here today on getting into too much PERSONAL detail in your questions and answers…Please proceed with that understanding Inspector.

Insp: Sorry Mr. Chairman… So the answer is yes Senator…I did happen to catch a re-run of that episode recently with my wife.

Sen: Thank you Inspector…Now, let’s say Agent Porter had texted another agent during a coffee break, while interrogating the serial sexual predator on the episode, and let’s say the message of his text was simply an observation that the serial predator IN HIS OPINION, was a ‘loathesome human being’…

Now, In YOUR opinion as IG Inspector, would that text from Agent Porter have in any way INVALIDATED the integrity of the FBI’s case on that episode? The fact that he, along with the MILLIONS of American Law and Order fans watching, had formed such an obvious opinion of Donald (Woops, I’m sorry – Freudian slip!)…I meant of said ‘sexual predator’?

Insp: Again Senator, that is another hypothetical… However I WILL say, you might as well be asking me an obvious question like, “If I was at a Manhattan dog park, and a cocker spaniel came up and raised his leg next to me, wouldn’t I probably assume he was about to pee on me, and would I just stand there and watch?”

Sen: Yes, YES EXACTLY!!…That would be just as OBVIOUS!!…And your answer Inspector??

Insp: Darn, that’s actually another hypothetical… And as I’ve said –

Sen: Ok, well let me rephrase the question in a way that is NOT a hypothetical…

While watching said Law and Order episode, having admitted you watched it with your WIFE… And remember you are UNDER OATH Inspector…While watching said episode, did your WIFE indicate to you at any time during that episode, that said serial predator was, in her opinion, a ‘loathesome human being’?

Insp: Actually Senator, she said something even more specific than that.

Sen: And will you at least share that with us today Inspector?

Insp: Um…Well to be honest, she said the sexual predator in the episode reminded her of Donald Trump…

Sen: Ok, now we’re getting somewhere…And did your wife say anything else?

Insp: Yes…She said Trump reminded her of the corrupt ‘MONEY CHANGERS’ that Jesus used a whip to drive out of the TEMPLE…

Sen: OK, Now we’re COOKING WITH GAS!!…Did she say anything else Inspector? Remember, this is not a hypothetical question I’m asking you.

Insp: (Heavy sigh) Then she told me, JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF could have been running the Hillary Clinton email investigation… and even as the Son of God, he could have texted the obvious truth that Trump needed to be stopped, and that he was a ‘loathesome human being’, and Sessions would have called not just for his firing, but for his CRUCIFIXION!

(Sound of shock and chaos in the chamber)


Sen: I just have one final question for the Inspector General…Did you AGREE with your wife when she said that??

Insp: What do YOU think Senator?? Like I said, we’d had a couple glasses of wine, we were cuddling on the couch, and I was too close to getting at least a reach around!!



Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer and comedian in Sacramento, CA…Check out her blog, standup and all of her comedy material on her website at

“Citizen Control” Is Change Needed for Modern Policing Today

ObamaLastSpeechWhen President Obama gave the last speech of his Presidency, he chose to do so in Greece. As he praised the Greeks for being the founders of democracy 25 centuries ago, he reminded us all of something very important. He said the most important title in the world is not President, or Prime Minister…it is “Citizen”.

For some time I have been writing about the problem of the “us against them” fraternal mindset of the majority of those in law enforcement. I know of this deep-seeded unhealthy culture in policing because I experienced it first hand during my time in law enforcement as a deputy sheriff. As a nation, the overwhelming majority of us as concerned citizens are collectively witnessing that reality in our respective communities on an all too commonly frequent basis.

For but one very relevant example, I want to point to the very dishonest and commonly embraced law enforcement ‘group think’ and police mantra that celebrated Donald Trump as the “law enforcement candidate” in the last Presidential election.

Despite the mindblowing degree of lying and dishonesty we routinely see and hear from Trump…Despite the shocking connections he is known to have with organized crime in both America and Russia…

Despite the bewildering amount of evidence now slowly being uncovered in the Russia investigation, that has already revealed many attempts on his part to cover up his campaign’s contacts with Russian foreign nationals, this common mantra of the vast majority of police in America today that Trump is the ‘law enforcement candidate’ remains steadfast.

This is inexcusable, and furthermore it is one of the most effective examples I can use to shine a spotlight of truth on the problem in policing today that has gone unchecked for too long. Let me put it in very simple terms…If one is in policing for the right reasons, then one has the opposite mindset…You would have the ethical values and character of someone like Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller – someone who I can guarantee you is not of the mindset that Donald Trump represents either those values, or is by any stretch of the imagination, the ‘law enforcement candidate’.

As I have written about not long ago, I was on a ride along with a local agency in the Sacramento area not long before the last Presidential election. The purpose of the ride along was a pre-employment interest. The deputy I was riding with was aware of this. Suddenly, I was taken by surprise when he began quizzing me about my politics. He asked me point blank WHO I was planning on voting for in the Presidential election.

This was of course completely unprofessional and improper. This individual proceeded to make sure that I understood his view that reflected the commonly held views of others on the agency, that Donald Trump was the ‘law enforcement candidate’.

I simply responded that while I wish we had better choices for President than we had to choose from, that I certainly could not support Trump precisely BECAUSE of my law enforcement values. I encouraged the deputy I was assigned to ride with to go and do a Google search on “Donald Trump and Organized Crime” in order to get a full picture of his deep connections to the mob in New Jersey and New York in the building of his casino empire.

Within a matter of a few minutes of sharing this answer to his question, I was dropped back off at my car in the department parking lot and told to have a nice evening.

I share this story because it is emblematic of something at the root of the problem we face in policing today. That problem is that those who have the RIGHT values and ethical mindset, who try to serve in law enforcement, are more often being ostracized and rejected…They are seen as ‘undesirable’ by the vast majority on the job who would routinely champion for the clearly corrupt and unethical, often even racist leaning values of someone like Trump.

It is time for a radical change and overall re-boot to the culture of policing in America today, in the interest of our nation’s constitutional guarantee of equal justice for all citizens. That change and that overall re-boot will require active and total CITIZEN CONTROL of police agencies.

As such, this will result in the re-training of police to understand that they are not “sworn officers” verses “unsworn civilians”. This point is so important…It is critical to understand that this is where things went wrong in the police mindset a long time ago.

The practice of telling new law enforcement recruits that they are now elevated to a sworn “officer” title as opposed to continuing just as a “citizen” with law enforcement job responsibilities, has resulted long ago in this ‘us against them’ mentality that is so ubiquitous and widespread in law enforcement.

Police must be re-trained, and this “officer vs civilian” mindset must be deconstructed and re-defined at a minimum. New training from a new citizen controlled agency model must fundamentally reinforce the proper mindset that Sir Robert Peel was known for originating…

SirRobertPeelSir Robert Peel, founder of the British Conservative Party who served twice as Prime Minister for the United Kingdom in the early to mid 1800’s, is considered the “father of modern policing”.  Peel is widely credited with the proper philosophy that the citizens ARE the police first and foremost, with those chosen to do the work of policing are actually subordinate to the citizenry, not elevated to a title that sees the citizens as ‘civilians’ compared to themselves as ‘officers’, and as such, ‘non-civilians’.

The new model must teach officers that there is no distinction…that working in law enforcement, they did not move into a status of ‘non-civilian’. The mindset of police that they are somehow not a civilian is actually coming from a MILITARY mindset completely. And we know that our nation’s constitution specifically mandates that the police are NOT the military, and as such they are properly categorized as ‘civilians’ hired to serve as peace keepers for their fellow civilians. The constitution specifically prohibits the military from operating in a law enforcement role except under ‘martial law’.

But this proper mindset was compromised a long time ago when those in law enforcement began to try to brand themselves as APART FROM the citizenry, and began appropriating a title to refer to themselves like the military, that delineated them as ‘NON-CIVILIANS’, etc. That should never have been allowed to happen.

More so than just the current ‘city council’ model, this new ‘citizen controlled’ model needed in policing will require that a citizen commission be hands on full time, running the police agency and dictating policy and procedures for the agency. If any “Sheriff” or “Police Chief” title is to continue, that individual will understand they are subordinate to that citizen commission as their ‘at will’ employer, the same as every other subordinate member of said police agency.

This new citizen controlled law enforcement model will require members of the commission or their designated representatives (preferably representatives chosen who have mental health and advanced social skills training) to routinely ride along on a daily basis with those on patrol, monitoring behavior, making sure all body cameras and dash cameras are in operation, etc, and reporting back to the citizen commission regularly – Especially on any areas of concern they observe that may violate the police employees’ mandate as an ambassador for the civilians who employ them and who they are tasked to serve equally.

This new citizen controlled law enforcement model will also require that a more concerted effort be made to find law enforcement recruits who are FROM economically challenged neighborhoods that are disproportionately affected by higher crime rates.(Communities commonly referred to in law enforcement circles as “the hood” or other more derogatory slang terminology)

PoliceDiversityPicSuch crime challenged, often largely minority populated neighborhoods need to have law enforcement patrolling their communities with more of a balanced number of those who CAME FROM those communities. This will go a long way toward helping other law enforcement members with their ‘implicit biases’, a term that has been recently coined and tossed about as a euphemism for ‘latent’ if not conscious prejudice or fear.

The mistake that is often continuing to be made is that communities are electing Sheriffs’ or appointing Police Chiefs’ based primarily on their extensive law enforcement ‘veteran’ experience. It is so easy for such individuals to say all the right things that a city council or local electorate wants to hear about a belief in ‘community policing’, etc. But what we routinely see is that despite such ‘politically correct rhetoric’ for the most part nothing changes in the culture of policing with this ‘veteran experience’ emphasis.

This is because there is an endemic, intensely protected ‘power mentality’ ever present in the current culture of policing, which we see too often abused in law enforcement. This power mentality – this self-admitted ‘para-military’ mindset that ‘we are sworn NON-civilians’ patrolling ‘un-sworn civilians’ is an unhealthy wrong mentality that veterans dogmatically see as against their personal interests to change.

It will require a forcible change from largely ‘non veteran’ civilian public servants with a passion for healthy law enforcement, who understand this problem, and who are appointed to such department leadership positions as Sheriff and Police Chief. And as I said above, such department leaders under the new citizen controlled model of policing will serve entirely at the pleasure of that citizen body, with that citizen commission being the employer and authority for the agency.

I’d like to close with one other important point…It is all to common for effective views like these that I am sharing to be scoffed at and mocked by those currently in law enforcement as ‘weak minded’, etc. But nothing could be further from the truth, and such a common attack toward such a ‘citizen prioritized’, true community policing approach is only helping to make my point for me.

When I was on the job, I was always ready and willing to be tough when I had to be, but I was equally sensitive, fair and kind to ALL citizens I served FIRST and FOREMOST.

Please note that I included the word ‘sensitive’ specifically. Kindness and sensitivity are what we all need, especially from those who are given the responsibility of patrolling our communities and enforcing the law. The current model of policing that champions Donald Trump’s personality as being the “law enforcement candidate” does not equate sensitivity and kindness first and foremost as a fundamental quality they are looking to recruit, and actually often denigrates that quality as a liability, when in fact such a character quality is what most citizens would want first and foremost in any police member they would ever find themselves having to deal with.

I hate to compare the police to ‘parents’, although the job does often include a lot of baby sitting, especially in dealing with irresponsible juveniles in the absence of their parents, so please indulge me with this example for just a moment…You are not a ‘weak parent’, but you are the right kind of parent in teaching and bringing up your kids when you are sensitive and kindhearted first and foremost, but ready and willing to be tough with your kids if you have to be, in order to teach them proper boundaries within which to live a safe, healthy and productive life.

When I was on the job, there were of course occasions where I had to use reasonable force to control and/or arrest individuals where it was immediately recognized as necessary to do so. But my overall strength and effectiveness as a law enforcement officer came as a direct result of my not looking at the citizenry I served as ‘civilians’ with myself being a ‘non’ civilian…

But on the contrary, my overall greatest strength on the job came by my recognizing that I was entrusted to the job as the citizens’ ambassador, and accordingly by my treating others the same as I wanted to be treated by them, with equal respect and sensitivity to their needs and emotions in any given situation.

That is not ‘weakness’…On the contrary, it is strength and it is integral to the job of policing, but something that is sadly not seen as desirable by many in the current policing culture today.

ChangeIsComingChange is coming, and I believe strongly that the days are numbered for that unhealthy mindset to be allowed to continue in law enforcement, as it has remained unchecked for too long in our communities up to now.

President Obama was largely echoing Dr. Martin Luther King when he pointed out in his last speech as President that the most important title in the world is that of ‘CITIZEN’.

And it is that growing recognition by the citizenry, fueled by the disgraceful corruption we are seeing from Donald Trump, and aided by much of law enforcement’s bewildering embracing of him as the “law enforcement candidate”, that will ultimately bring about this long overdue ethical change to the current unhealthy police culture.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

Are You Focused on what REALLY Matters Here?

Let me approach this question I posed by pointing out that a lot of people have a completely false understanding of the term ‘Yin and Yang’. The first example they falsely come up with for it is ‘good’ verses ‘evil’. But this is due to the many false teachings they’ve been brainwashed with by organized religion.

The Yin and the Yang have absolutely nothing to do with ‘good’ verses ‘evil’…They have less to do with ‘opposites’, and everything to do with ‘BALANCE’… They are the balancing, complimentary aspects of the universe that can sometimes seem to be ‘opposites’, but are all a part of us…all a part of all that is good…the balance that brings harmony.

Here are but a few examples, ending with the most important one…”Male” and “Female”…”Day” and “Night”…”Hot” and “Cold”…”Happy” and “Sad”…And, as I mentioned, the most important to understand of all…”The Physical” and “The Spiritual”.

We have a very ugly and selfish, unhealthy and elitist culture in America growing like a tumor by the day, as evidenced by both the growing drug culture as well as the mass ignorance that is responsible for perverting the highest office of our country with the disgraceful likes of Donald Trump…and this having been done largely by those who claim to be following “God’s will”.

It is obvious that the majority have lost sight of what has real value and real meaning, in pursuit of selfish and material obsessions, all while putting on a daily facade of being ‘Catholics’ or ‘Evangelicals’ or ‘Jews’ or ‘Muslims’ or ‘Mormons’, etc. etc. etc.

But understanding the most important example of the “Yin and Yang” is what keeps the rest of us focused on bringing healing to this sick culture that needs that healing so bad right now.

That is the understanding that we are NOT DIVIDED in ANY way with such religious dogma attached to those religions and denominations listed above…Here in the ‘physical’, we are all one with the ‘spiritual’ EVEN NOW.  This most important example of Yin and Yang shows us that there is NO SEPARATION between us and what we refer to as “God”…In other words, there is no division or separation between what we are NOW in the physical, and what is SPIRITUAL and DIVINE…

We are ALL HOLY FAMILY…Those of you who embrace religious doctrine that teaches otherwise are part of the cancer here that the rest of us are going to heal, whether you understand that at the moment or not. Most of you who don’t understand that are completely responsible for this national disgrace we are in the process of healing at present.

We are going to heal it, at least in the upcoming 2018 midterms, and along with the help of Special Prosecutor Mueller’s major findings that will be forthcoming against Trump for his massive corrupt activities, not to mention impeachment proceedings which likely will begin happening after those midterms and before Mueller’s criminal proceedings finish.

What really matters is integrity and moral conviction, rooted not in dogmatic religious morals so polluted by man-made elitism, bigotry and division, but rooted in “The Golden Rule”…meaning HUMAN VALUES and real SPIRITUAL LOVE. Organized religion is the number one polluter of that correct understanding, and the primary cause that has kept humanity divided.

The Yin and the Yang is the beautiful spiritual lesson of love and harmony that reminds us that “Black” and “White”…”Red”, “Brown” and “Yellow”…and all colors of the rainbow are not SEPARATE or OPPOSITE from each other, but are all a ‘HOLY FAMILY’ of colors, united in the universe as a part of “Creation”…as a PART of what is Divine. (Divinity EQUALS Diversity).

What really matters? Where is your focus and your attention? Where are your values? Time here in the physical is short. Are you being a ‘conforming sheep’ to the man made teachings of religion that divide falsely in the name of “God”? Are you supporting such man-made lies, because it is popular to do so with those you are conforming alongside, who share such divided and elitist beliefs from their religion?

Are you willing to speak out and let your voice be heard in bringing the healing I am speaking of? Or are you part of the problem by either keeping silent when you could speak, or holding a belief that you are somehow superior in your beliefs, or somehow more deserving than immigrants of the blessings you are enjoying here in the U.S.?

Spiritual truth is not found in organized religion as a rule. Christianity, Islam, Judaism…all of the ‘Big Three’ religions at their fundamental core teach DIVISION in the name of God…they teach the OPPOSITE of the most important spiritual truth there is, as I have described above with the Yin and the Yang teaching…

The ‘Big Three’ religions fundamentally teach the lie that “God” is some entity who is SEPARATE from you, arbitrarily waiting to either ‘save’ or ‘condemn’ you based on whether you believe their divisive preferred dogma…That is man-made bigotry masquerading as “Gospel”.

Spiritual truth is this…There is NO CONDEMNATION in LOVE.

Love cannot condemn. What those man-made institutions are brainwashing the masses with is ‘CONDITIONAL LOVE’, not UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is a perversion of the word ‘love’ by using it as a weapon, and making it only available ‘on condition’…

And by the way, have you ever stopped to ask yourself how people could be so sick as to believe in a “God” that needs to have a ‘blood lust’ satisfied with either animal or human blood sacrifice (i.e. the crucifixion)?

People are quick to call any such reference to human or animal sacrifice as a ‘cult’ or ‘Satanic’, but they deny to themselves that such a sick practice is at the fundamental foundation of their very sick Christian, Jewish or Islamic beliefs.

That is not what “God” is…that is a very ignorant and sick perversion by very sick men who used fear based dogma to control the masses. It is time to wake up from this ugly man-made cause of so much violence, genocide, pedophilia and demeaning of women in various ways, all in the name of “God” over thousands of years.

What really matters is seeing others as just as much an EQUAL PART of what “God” is as you are…and your obligation to be the love and the healing of God that others need.

That universal healing and love is part of the Yin and Yang, and it is your ONLY purpose here. You’re purpose here is not to be a ‘conforming sheep’, but to bring healing and correction to the harmful, divisive ignorance and religious bigotry shamefully masquerading as “God’s Word”.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her blog and website at


The REAL SH#T-HOLE is Trump’s Shameful Racist MOUTH

TrumpClspThough I do appreciate Senator Linsday Graham’s backing up Senator Durbin’s account of Trump’s recent vile and racist comments calling Haiti and African American countries “sh#t-hole” countries, I need to take exception with Senator Graham’s followup comment the day after. Graham said that as a result of ‘discourse being low’, others in his line of work need to ‘up their game’.
No Senator Graham…They don’t need to ‘up their game’…they need to UP THEIR MORAL PRINCIPLE!
And it is up to you and me to hold them accountable between now and the upcoming MID TERM elections, and not respond like I’m hearing way too many respond when I bring up the topic: “Oh, I try to avoid anything to do with politics!” Are you kidding me?
When you take that attitude, you become just as much a part of the problem as the corrupt racist and elitist politicians playing their game at the people’s expense.
What many folks need to understand is that by standing up, letting your voice be heard and taking a stand with the rest of us on this, you aren’t ‘talking politics’, you are DEMANDING PRINCIPLES!
It is kind of revealing that Senator Graham used the term ‘up their game’ about his fellow Republican politicians…It has been obvious for way too long now that politicians in general see their elected positions not as a moral public trust, but as a corrupt game that must be ‘played’ with subtle skill. This is especially true and taken now to an all new shameful and disgraceful level by Trump supporting Republicans and the voters who elected him.
It’s hard to find strong enough descriptive terms for the level of dishonesty and hypocrisy we are witnessing…For the shameful behavior so many are taking part in trying to ‘normalize’. I’m trying to think of a word stronger than even the term ‘monumental’…
All I keep coming up with is ‘mind-blowing’ or ‘bewildering’, like one person used during my interview with him about Trump for my local cable access TV show a few months back(see my website to watch the program on demand)…’MIND-BLOWING’ dishonesty and hypocrisy revealing a disgracefully shameful underbelly of our country that fortunately has at least now been exposed, so that the rest of us can get to work on standing up to it, healing and changing it.
And lastly, on the issue of Trump’s shameful comments asking ‘Why do we have all these people coming here from ‘sh#t-hole’ countries?’, and adding that ‘We need more people from countries like NORWAY!’…
The second part referring to wanting ‘more people from Norway’ is what wraps it up with a racist ‘bow’ so to speak…That is IF you needed more than the first ‘sh#t-hole’ part to clarify that his context was racist.
I will give one simple metaphor here to prove it…
Imagine Los Angeles city council members are discussing providing funding for community development, and behind closed doors the Mayor says, “Why do we want to give any more funding to sh#t-hole neighborhoods like (and they name some well known minority areas like East Central and others, often referred to as ‘THE HOOD’)…Then imagine the mayor continues…”If we are going to invest this money for community development, I want to do it with neighborhoods like Bel Aire and Brentwood!”
Is there any question the context is racist? Is there any question that the vile slur has to do with the PEOPLE residing in said ‘sh#t-hole’ neighborhoods?Those were rhetorical questions…The context of the comment screams racism.
trumpmouthFurthermore, it is what we call a ‘distinction without a difference’ to try to use semantics to argue that Trump said ‘sh#t-HOUSE’ countries as opposed to ‘sh#t-HOLE’ countries. This also just takes the lying of Trump and his dutiful orange ass-kissers to a ‘doubled down’ level.
In my hypothetical example above, insert the word ‘sh#t-HOUSE’ by the Mayor in that conversation, and you have no change in the context.
trumpbileTruth be known, Trump is well aware and very bothered by the fact that the majority in his own country, and the entire rest of the world have been using that term ‘sh#t-hole’ already, but in regard to the United States…Ironically, they have been using it for some time now to refer to Trump’s sh#t-hole of a MOUTH.
Connie Bryan
ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

The Change Demanded As We Enter 2018

It is utterly disgusting and shameful as a human race, that we haven’t gotten it together by now…that we haven’t embraced one another on this planet as spiritual brothers and sisters, irrespective of ‘styles’ of religious practice and cultures. It is almost 2018, and it is beyond inexcusable that we still haven’t gotten that right, and that we are still held back by tens of millions of ignorant bigoted individuals, often in the name of “JESUS” of all things!

I was raised in a “Christian evangelical” family, and cut my teeth on the Bible. I memorized a lot of it in private Christian school. Early on as a child I couldn’t help but recognize the hate and bigotry throughout the Bible…the constant anti-loving, vengeful fear imagery of God, and I had to constantly force myself to go along with it from the family conditioning that used that man made fear in the Bible to tell me that I would go to Hell if I didn’t believe it…Constant bigoted conditioning that crammed down my throat ‘holy’ beliefs that all other religions/faiths were going to Hell as well, along with gay people, transgender people, etc.

Being transgender myself, despite the horrible societal suffering that accompanies such a condition, was ironically the miracle that brought my TRUE SALVATION from those bigoted religious lies from my family and the ‘church’, fraudulently taught in the name of Jesus.

The fact that we are this far along as a human race, and we STILL have so many who embrace such bigotry in the name of God is beyond inexcusable. It is crucial to understand that this is the PRIMARY thing preventing the achieving of world peace and unity on our shared planet…one could almost say now that it is the ONLY thing…

Because when you get that right…and I’m talking about the understanding that all of us are ASPECTS OF GOD, not separate from what “God” is…when you understand that, a light bulb comes on inside your mind…which is your soul or your spirit…and you suddenly realize your responsibility to love everyone, and not look at them as separate or beneath you in any way.

HOWEVER…and this is really important…When you are fraudulently taught a belief that God is an arbitrary being outside of what you are, who may or may not CONDEMN you for perceived mistakes…and when you are taught the fraudulent teaching of religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism that maintain that you are a condemned sinner by nature, BUT you can be forgiven if you will believe one specific faith, what is the psychology that results from such a belief?

The result is, you then have a gigantic COP-OUT. What do I mean by that?

It is nothing but a huge cop-out to say that you are just a sinner, and as such you can’t help but sin. And if you just align with one ‘faith’, that uncontrollable sinful nature you have is forgiven.

That is a man-made hypocritical excuse of a religious belief. It is the very thing that has ironically held mankind back from real spiritual growth and healing. It condemns the diversity of mankind with fraudulent man-made dogma that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the love of God that we ALL ARE BY NATURE.

When you get that right, as I said above, you understand there is no cop-out or excuse such as you being ‘sinful by nature’…On the contrary…There is an understanding that you have a huge responsibility due to your being HOLY BY NATURE.

It isn’t a lack of humility to recognize that not only YOU, but everyone who shares existence with you…all of us are a PART OF GOD…

And if we are a PART OF GOD, we are HOLY BY NATURE. When we realize we are holy by nature, the result that begins to happen is a healing transformation in our lives that was meant for us. But, that healing and those blessings and miracles are held back with the opposite mindset that you are separate from God, and can’t help the “sin” you commit. That is absolutely untrue.

The huge problem with that kind of fraudulent teaching in the name of God, is that you then don’t realize it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY…OUR COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, TO CREATE HEAVEN FOR ONE ANOTHER HERE AND NOW!

You see, Christians, Jews and Muslims (and I use them as examples because they are the biggest and most popular examples of this man made fraudulent teaching) all have at the core of their belief that “Heaven” is something they have ZERO to do with CREATING…That they each respectively have the primary rights to heaven, being ‘preferred’ above others in the eyes of God, and their ‘heaven’ is controlled by a potentially condemning God, only to be experienced at some imagined time in the future, in some fairy tale place, etc.

That IS the primary, absolutely inexcusable bigotry and sick belief system that is in the way of achieving world peace. If you study history, you will see that this sick kind of divisive man made religion has almost always been at the root of all the major warmongering, genocide and enslavement of other cultures over the centuries.

Many of you reading this may be Catholics. You should be very aware of the history of such behavior by the Catholic church. You should be very aware of the Catholic church’s hugely patriarchal, second class and demeaning treatment of women in the name of Jesus, which is no different than any of the sexually demeaning harassment and constant climate of inequality demonstrated by men today, who are currently being singled out in various other institutions and corporations…

As a Catholic, you should be very aware of that hypocritical institution’s continued turning of a collective blind eye to the epidemic of pedophilia by its sick priests for hundreds of years now…over and over and over again. Yet you continue to practice those beliefs and align yourself with such mind blowing corruption, elitism and bigotry deeply represented by such a history?

As a Catholic, ironically you may have even looked down your nose at the Christian evangelicals who supported accused pedophile Roy Moore in Alabama, while you continue to align yourself with such a hypocritically corrupt institution as the Catholic church.

There is no excuse for such conformity in the face of such a history of hate and bigotry in the name of God.

If you want to know where healing and true happiness comes from, I have an answer for you…The key is simply this: UNLEARNING the religious lies fed to us, and being strong enough not to just conform to them because it is comfortable to do so, and because such beliefs may be popular with those around us.

I can’t believe how many people actively resist this basic truth when I try to share it with them. Healing is meant for you, in every way that you need it. But healing and happiness beyond your wildest dreams will NEVER come unless you remove the bigoted beliefs that you use to think of yourself as ‘preferred’ in the eyes of God…It will NEVER come until you see EVERYONE as forgiven…Until you see EVERYONE as an EQUAL PART OF GOD, despite your differences of faith, sexual preference, etc.

Simply put, as I’ve said in some of my previous articles on this topic, ‘religion’
IS NOT synonymous with spirituality.

Religion, if seen correctly so that healing and happiness WILL come through to you, should be understood to be like everyone’s ‘favorite color’… That is to say, I don’t look down on you and think you are condemned because your religion’s preferred color is RED, while my religion’s preferred color is GREEN.

True spirituality is the understanding that all of the colors are a PART of the rainbow, equally TOGETHER…That is the perfect metaphor to understand our spiritual nature. Put simply, DIVERSITY IS DIVINITY.

When you get that right, you open the pathway up not only to all the healing and happiness you need and were meant to have, that has been held back by fraudulent, elitist beliefs of religion, but it begins to bring healing, happiness and peace across national and cultural boundaries, as was also always MEANT TO BE.

As I began this article at the top, it is absolutely inexcusable that we have resisted these truths, and have not come together as a human race by 2018. What do you say we make a New Year’s Resolution to change that before 2020!

We have to raise our voices collectively not only about the disgrace that Trump supporters have created in the White House, but also about the disgraceful false teaching of the Big Three religions that has created such war, hate and division on our planet for too long.

It’s time for a “spiritual renaissance” that begins to create what we were meant to create as ‘aspects of what God is’…As holy, spiritual brothers and sisters…We were meant to see “God” in all of our diversity, and to act in love and healing in all things toward one another…That is how we CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH HERE AND NOW.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her blog and website at


TrumpEvangelicalPosterTo the Trump gas-lit, evangelical hypocrites on the right talking out of their asses claiming the Trump-Russian collusion investigation is nothing but a fake news “WITCH HUNT”…What do you have to say now that FOUR ‘WITCHES’ have not only been found and charged with major crimes, but two of said ‘witches’, including senior Trump administration official Gen. Michael Flynn, are now cooperating with Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller to keep from doing major jail time?

Are you gonna keep lying out of your ass to defend the “Witch-in-Chief” in the name of Jesus? Are you gonna keep lying out of your ass to defend the accusations against Trump supported Roy Moore running for Senate in Alabama, accused by multiple women of preying on and sexually assaulting young teenage girls?

Are you gonna keep lying out of your ass as you flat out ignore Trump’s own words on the Access Hollywood tape, bragging about ‘grabbing women by the pussy’, saying he could do so because he is so big of a star that he ‘can get away with doing anything he wants’ to ‘attractive’ women that he meets?

If we are going to care about the smaller number of women who have come forward to accuse Senator Al Franken, Representative Conyers, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, then OF COURSE we’d have to care about the 12 or more women who bravely came forward to accuse the sitting PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

(Insert impersonation of hypocritical right-wing evangelicals dutifully parroting Trump’s lies here) “WELL THAT’S JUST A FAKE NEWS WITCH HUNT!”

Ummmm, you can’t say that without, at a minimum, sounding like you rode the little bus to school…Because after all, as I said above, we have MORE damning evidence in the “Witch-in-Chief’s” case, with his own proud ‘witch admission’ of such behavior on tape, than we do in all of these other cases combined.

Trump made that graphic, specific admission with impunity of his own volition…I mean, it wasn’t like Wolf Blitzer from CNN had bound him and was dipping him in and out of the fountain on the White House Mall, until he couldn’t take it anymore and told us he was a f#cking sexually assaulting, womanizing witch! (But isn’t that a beautiful thing to fantasize about coming true?…Can you imagine the viewer ratings for that CNN episode?)

Shame on those of you who claim to be ‘Christians’ and ‘Catholics’, while turning a blind eye to this national disgrace you have created in the name of Jesus! Dear God, save us from your followers, as the apt bumper sticker says.

Ignoring Trump’s admission on tape of sexually assaulting women with impunity, and parroting his claim that such bragging of specific behavior was just ‘harmless locker room talk”, is akin to if the POPE HIMSELF had been caught on such an Access Hollywood tape saying something similar…

Hypothetical Pope talking to hypothetical Billy Bush:
(Insert annoyingly slow, hard to understand Italian accent here)
“I used to have such a crush on Justin Beber before he grew up…He was so hot!” (This would be a much longer tape of course, as that statement alone would take 2 minutes for the actual Pope to say, and the following would take him 5 minutes to say) “You know, I’m so famous as the Pope, when I meet hot Catholic boys I can do whatever I want…I can grab ’em by their _____, anything I want! They’ll let me because I’m such a rock star!!”

Now follow my example here…That hypothetical tape goes VIRAL, as Trump’s tape did…Then the Pope excuses it away…”Oh that was just harmless ‘CHOIR ROOM TALK’…Everyone knows priests talk like that in the ‘choir room’, but it was harmless!”

Ignoring Trump’s own words…words that weren’t hypothetical, but that REALLY HAPPENED on tape, while holding all these others to the ‘witch flame’ like Louis CK, Franken, Conyers, Charlie Rose, etc…is exactly akin to if the Pope had been caught saying the above about his affinity for under age altar boys, and the Catholic Church responding by accepting his gas-lit BS that it was just ‘choir room banter’.

But, I guess the idea of the Catholic church looking the other way is ironically not so far fetched is it?…Not when you recall what we’ve all witnessed over the recent last couple of decades, as the Catholic church has actively tried to HIDE the mind blowing, ongoing priest pedophile epidemic still unfolding, and still being protected from the top.

So, you still wanna run around calling these things a ‘witch hunt’?
OK, but as such you go on record in your life, looking stupid if not utterly complicit yourself, because we clearly have ‘witches’ to hunt among us!…And as we continue to bring them down in the name of morality and justice, the question you should be asking yourself is, what is that going to say about YOU and all your defense of their behavior in the name of JESUS??

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at