Trump and Kim Jong Un Starring in”NUKE & NUKER”

TrumpKimJongI’m sure most of you have seen “Dumb and Dumber”…If not, don’t worry, because you are witnessing an EVEN DUMBER sequel in living color on the world stage presently with Trump and Kim Jong of North Korea starring in “NUKE AND NUKER!”…

While the concept may make for a funny buddy movie, obviously there’s nothing funny about it in real life, and it is not the approach that is needed in such a nuclear powderkeg situation threatening over a million lives in that region, including the South Koreans and our American troops/families there, as well as our American bases in Guam.

This ‘dumb and dumber’ NUKE RATTLING as it were is not projecting strength…What it is projecting is a dangerous level of incompetency. Trump’s ego tripping, dangerous and unnecessary overreacting threats to the Kim regime in North Korea is an obvious demonstration of why Trump has to be removed from office.

NukeMushCloudThe danger our country faces from the ‘hallmark of constant dishonesty’ and the clear corruption of Donald Trump’s short tenure in the White House is only rivaled by the larger danger we face from his severe level of incompetency, exhibited by his impetuous and irresponsible response yesterday with threats back at North Korea. Trump’s uncalled for hyperbole went so far as to specifically threaten “fire and fury” if North Korea simply continues to make more ‘threats’.

I’m going to use my ‘outside voice’ for a moment, so please excuse me: WE ALL KNOW NORTH KOREA’S PROPAGANDA MACHINE IS ENTIRELY ABOUT “MAKING THREATS”. That’s what North Korea does, and has done for decades. They are doing so because for decades they have been and continue to be extremely afraid that we are their enemy, and that we want to invade them and bring regime change.

North Korea has no desire to attack us. Adults understand that. Donald Trump does not, and we are at risk more than we have been since the Cold War with Russia, simply because of Trump’s seeking to pour kerosene on a harmless lit match, figuratively speaking.

I never thought I would find an opportunity to praise Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, but at least to HIS credit, he recently made a public statement that was released in the press in which he stated that North Korea needs to know that we ‘are not their enemy’.

EarthSpacePicThat is the peaceful, honest diplomacy that is needed and direly called for in this circumstance with North Korea, as we are now finding out that in an accelerated time frame, they now have achieved the development of a miniaturized nuclear warhead. It is strongly believed they have not yet reached the point of having them to deploy for use, but that they have developed the technology.

Again, North Korea is recklessly pushing to develop such nuclear weapons technology primarily because they are convinced that their survival depends on that as a DETERRENT.

And again, adults and competent leaders in our government and in our military understand that. Trump’s incompetent threats indicate that he does not, and they reflect the ongoing pattern of incompetence we have seen in other areas. This is one of the biggest dangers our country faces from his incompetency in the White House.

What is needed desperately right now is more communication like that from Secretary Tillerson, reinforcing to North Korea that they have misunderstood the United State’s intentions where they are concerned, and that we are NOT THEIR ENEMY.

But Trump’s ego-maniacal psychology is ironically much similar to the same kind of ego-maniacal psychology seen for years from the Kim regime in North Korea. It is beyond bewildering and mind blowing, the number of Americans who buried their heads in the sand to that unstable, unfit, “anti-presidential” personality of Donald Trump, gladly choosing to pervert the highest office of our country with his incompetency, primarily because of how much they resonated with his anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim, hateful “make America WHITE again” rhetoric upon which his entire campaign was built.

MotherOfPeaceThe answer regarding North Korea is a PEACE SUMMIT brokered quickly by the likes of one of our responsible leaders such as Senator John McCain. China would likely help to broker such a peace summit now, in light of the ratcheted up dangerous level of threats on both sides today.

At that summit, the message to North Korea from the U.S. needs to be loud and clear: “Don’t listen to Donald Trump…Listen to America’s real leaders…WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY, and we seek peace and prosperity for both you AND your neighbors in South Korea. We only seek a de-escalation of the longstanding conflict between your two countries. Let’s all work together to achieve that peace and reconciliation.”

That and that alone is the message that will succeed in this dangerous situation, not Trump’s ego-maniacal “NUKE AND NUKER” REALITY SHOW of threats to North Korea of “fire and fury the likes of which this world has never seen before”.

TrumpAngerClspWhat we are seeing is intolerable reckless incompetency from a President like the world has never seen before. I’m not even sure the ‘dumber’ one of the two is Kim Jong Un at this point.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, Ca…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

‘Love & Peace’ Require Bringing Uncomfortable CORRECTION to Bear on Trump Supporters

TrumpWallCrowdIt’s becoming obvious of late that there’s a serious, growing lack of understanding regarding something very important that I feel I need to write about. ‘Love, peace & happiness’ don’t magically come without “correction of thought.”

In an obvious politically corrupt environment beyond anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes…In such a corrupt environment demanding patriotic Progressive Americans to take an uncompromising stand against this national “Trump disgrace”, it is becoming more and more common to see people not only conforming and actively avoiding taking such a critical ethical stand, but even going out of their way to actually try to fault-find those of us who are.

More and more, a growing number of conformist-minded individuals are seeking to rationalize doing so by saying things like ‘I avoid politics in social settings’ (as though the ‘politics’ of those they choose to socialize with isn’t that important and doesn’t truly matter) Or saying things like, ‘Oh I am only about love, peace and happiness, and taking such a position critical of others is just unhealthy conflict’, etc. etc. What a huge hypocritical cop out such false statements reveal.

Anyone who knows me knows I am first and foremost all about creating love, peace and happiness. One of my favorite topics to write about is on the topic of true spiritual understanding as opposed to the ‘organized lie’ of ‘organized religion’. That understanding in a nutshell is that we are all a PART of what “God” is, and not separate from what God is, subject to being condemned for not ‘believing one way’, etc.

When you grasp that true spiritual understanding, you realize you have an obligation to BE the love of God that others need. But, understand this…To reach that understanding of REAL spiritual love in the first place requires something that for many is often initially very challenging and uncomfortable…it requires CORRECTION to the unhealthy and ignorant, selfish and fraudulent way they had been believing in their former religious, cultural and/or political mindsets.

Follow me here, because this is key…LOVE isn’t just warm and fuzzy ‘comfy coziness’…Remember the ‘love’ that we had to bring with major correction to those who were resisting the necessary love, acceptance and change in the Civil Rights Movement? That is the perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Certainly you have heard the expression: BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD, right?

What we are seeing with Donald Trump’s lack of character and lack of integrity, not to mention a level of corruption and collusion with a longstanding national enemy (Russia and Vladimir Putin) on a scale we have never before witnessed from a President…

And what we are seeing with the mind boggling degree to which he lies and bastardizes the truth with impunity…ALL of that bewildering dishonesty and corruption that we are seeing from Trump is only rivaled by how mind boggling it is that so many of his supporters on the ‘Right’ are WILLING TO JUST KEEP IGNORING IT in the interest of partisan gain as Republicans!

Talk about shameful behavior…When the corruption gets to this level, honorable Americans CAN’T DO THAT! In case you haven’t heard, even well known Conservative commentator and columnist George Will is beginning to sound this same alarm.

And it is even MORE shameful, those of you who would even think about criticizing those of us who have the courage to step up and lead at such a critical time, in an effort to be voices for the change that are so desperately needed in our country, now more than ever.

You wouldn’t believe the degree to which recently I have been attacked by some ignorant individuals because of my willingness to take a strong ethical stand with my private musical group in Sacramento called “The Capitol Blues Jam”.

Since this national Trump disgrace took place, largely due to such unconscionable low character and inexcusable bad judgment by many who supported Trump, after all of us daily witnessed the vulgar, bigoted and racist things he built his campaign upon, not to mention his hugely corrupt business background and strong well documented connections to organized crime…

Since all that occurred, one of our screening/membership requirements for my private music jam group that I felt compelled to add is that we do not allow Trump supporters to be members. Again, that is primarily due to this issue of the LACK of good character that it takes to see and hear those chronically vulgar and bigoted things from Trump that he is now well known for advocating, coupled with his level of daily lying with impunity, and to then think to oneself, “I LIKE THAT GUY”…The lack of character that it takes to have that kind of reaction to everything we’ve seen and heard from Trump is inexcusable.

Many, though not entirely all of Donald Trump’s supporters have praised him and actively support him in his ongoing efforts to BAN MUSLIMS from our country with a broad sweeping travel ban…

YET, those same Trump supporters who would wholeheartedly cheer for such a ban on many if not all Muslims, and who would enthusiastically deport millions of Mexican immigrants from our borders, are the same ones who want to hypocritically point a finger and denigrate me for feeling like I need to keep them from bringing such hate and negativity to my private Blues jam in Sacramento?? That is hypocrisy on steroids.

If you can seek to ban Muslims and Mexicans from our diversity embracing culture in America, I am certainly on the high road and well within my rights to BAN YOU from bringing your hate and infecting my healthy and private music environment.

This is about the lack of character and integrity fueling this national Trump disgrace. Integrity is what ‘politics’ is SUPPOSED to be about. Politics is not meant to be a negative term. It is supposed to be about attracting public servants to represent American citizens within the scope of equality as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution…not within the scope of ‘white privilege’.

What does it mean to be an honorable American? What is that definition? It means we don’t COMPROMISE that character and integrity in social settings with those who would actively SUPPORT that which is compromising that character and integrity on a daily basis! And that applies to all aspects of our social lives…Character and integrity isn’t something you turn on and off to avoid ‘making waves’, etc.

And if we are a musician, that would obviously of course have to include and apply to who we play music with…If it doesn’t, well we are just giant, flaming hypocrites with our musical talents. We might as well just go join Trump’s new FOX Network reality series coming out next Fall called “KU KLUX KLAN HAS TALENT” (OK, I had to lighten it up with a little humor there:)

Now, back to the topic I began with, regarding ‘love, peace and happiness’… If you understand REAL spiritual love…If you understand REAL spiritual peace, and if you understand where REAL happiness comes from as a result of those things…

And if you understand the INTEGRITY that those things require as a part of what “God” is, then you also understand that real love and peace bring healing that often comes initially in the form of UNCOMFORTABLE CORRECTION (conflict) when applied to such corruption and hate that we are witnessing from this sick movement today…

When you understand that, you would not compromise that integrity for SOCIAL or BUSINESS reasons, and you certainly would never think to criticize someone else who was living that example and being that change that is so needed right now, while you weren’t willing to do so yourself. On the contrary actually…you would seek to make sure you had their back, as you could clearly see they undoubtedly have yours.

That is to say, you wouldn’t take the neutral position: ‘Hey I know where my bread is buttered, so I am not going to take such a stand, in order that I don’t offend those who I can profit from and make a lot of money’…

That is to also say, you wouldn’t criticize those who are willing to take that ethical stand in every aspect of their lives, at a time when that is needed more than ever, holding others accountable for their embracing that above described degree of corruption, bigotry and lack of integrity.

Obviously we don’t go around with a bullhorn in ALL settings we find ourselves in, creating a political scene as it were. But yes, especially in the social settings that WE have control over, and wherever the opportunity presents itself to speak up in every aspect of our lives, we absolutely have an ethical and moral obligation to BE THE CHANGE that we know is needed in the face of this tidal wave of corruption…We absolutely have an ethical and moral obligation right now to BE THE INTEGRITY we can daily see that is being kicked to the curb by Trump and his many dishonest and empowering supporters.

And that is how LOVE brings CORRECTION…Love always forgives, but it also always CORRECTS. And in being a part of bringing that correction, just like in the Civil Rights Movement, conflict is unavoidable. There will be conflict with the lack of moral integrity we expose.

And if you take any part in criticizing or fault-finding those who are seeking to lead by that example on a daily basis, there is serious and major correction needed in your life and in your thinking, even and especially if you aren’t a Trump supporter.

Lastly, while there is no ‘normalizing’ of this degree of corrupt disgracing of the office of the Presidency, there is an unbelievable amount of bizarre conformity we are seeing from many right now, coming from places and individuals I never dreamed I’d see such lack of character from.

And at a time when standing together against such egregious corruption and dishonesty from the office of the President is so desperately needed in our nation, such conforming behavior to ignore it is almost worse than those who actively supported such an obviously corrupt, pathologically lying con artist for President in the first place.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

Trump’s Repeated Lying to Cover Up Contacts with Russians, Now Including his SON, Points Directly to Collusion

TrumpPutinMtgI’m not officially a political campaign consultant, but if I were I’d give Donald Trump some priceless advice: If you want to go around tweeting to the world that you are the innocent target of a fake news ‘witch hunt’, maybe try not to constantly BEHAVE like a conniving witch, colluding with ‘the Devil’, who’s just begging to be hunted!

How many times did we hear Trump swear that the answer was absolutely NO, when asked by the media both during his campaign and after his election, whether ANY of his staff/administration had EVER HAD ANY contact with Russian officials?

Then there was the not so long ago interview that Vice President Pence gave to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. What did Chris Wallace demand an answer to? That same question.

Initially Pence avoided answering the question twice…Hmmm, why would that be? If you and your administration are ethical and honest, it would seem like such an easy question to just quickly answer and get out of the way.But Wallace had to press Pence again for an answer on whether anyone in the Trump administration had ANY contacts with the Russians before or after his election.

Finally Pence said unequivocally, ‘“Of course not… This is all a distraction and it’s all part of a narrative to delegitimize the election and to question the legitimacy of this presidency.” (I will provide a link to this interview at the conclusion below.)

He also asked him about General Flynn’s exposed meetings with the Russian Ambassador, and whether they discussed the Russian sanctions, and Pence said they had not. We of course have since learned that both of those answers were absolutely false.

Trump supporters love to try to say there is ‘no evidence of collusion’ in the face of Trump and his key top officials being caught in lie after lie in an effort to deny their contacts with Russian officials.

I’m not a lawyer, but if I played one on TV, I’d feel pretty comfortable in saying that the many repeated lies to cover up meetings of his top administration and campaign staff that they had before and after his election, along with the entire world hearing Trump with our own ears during one of the debates, calling out TO RUSSIAN OFFICIALS from that debate stage on live television, ASKING them to HACK HILLARY CLINTON’S EMAILS if they could possibly do so…

Well, I’d say that is some pretty solid evidence pointing to shared ‘intent’, or what is called in legal speak, ‘A GUILTY MIND’.

Now, add to the above that we find out yesterday about yet ANOTHER meeting that Trump’s son Donald Jr. had, along with Trump’s son-in-law and top adviser Jared Kushner, AND campaign adviser at the time Paul Manafort, with a Russian lawyer with close ties to Putin and the Kremlin. We find out the purpose of this meeting was about her allegedly being able to provide them with damaging information on??…Who else but HILLARY CLINTON.

On his security clearance document requiring the disclosure of any such meetings in order to obtain the necessary clearance for his access to being a White House top adviser, Kushner initially withheld not only this meeting with this key Russian National with close ties to the Kremlin, but he also withheld ANOTHER such meeting in which he was accompanied by since fired National Security Adviser General Flynn, that they had with none other than a top Russian banker with close ties to the Kremlin, who was accompanied by THE RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR of all people!

Where do you suppose those meetings took place that Trump has tried to say he ‘knew nothing about’? If you guessed TRUMP TOWER, you are correct!

No evidence? Who has an ounce of common sense and says that with a straight face?

Then you have Donald Trump not able to say a critical word about one of the biggest monsters on the planet, responsible for a large number of the HALF A MILLION innocent Syrian refugees bombed by Russian guided missiles, including schools and hospitals in Aleppo…Trump not only can’t say a negative word about Putin, but he opens their meeting at the G-20 by telling Putin that it is a great honor to meet him!

And then we find out from Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in his description of their conversation that ensued, that Trump asked Putin about whether Russia was in fact responsible for interfering in the 2016 Presidential election, and Putin denied responsibility in any way. Tillerson said the President accepted Putin’s answer, did not challenge him, did not provide any evidence to hold him accountable, and they simply both thought it prudent to ‘move on’ to other things.

I’ll BET they both thought that was ‘prudent’…Trump keeps telling his supporters this is a ‘witch hunt’…But like I said, if you are going to say that, try not ACTING like one. I mean, it starts to look like Tillerson may have left out the part where Trump and Putin got on their knees and prayed to the Devil together that it might soon be possible for them to finally be able ‘move on’ with their corrupt shared agenda.

Trump chose to take the word of a murderous human rights violating dictator, responsible for untold deaths of journalists in his country who have tried to expose his rampant corruption and war crimes. He chose to take Putin’s word OVER our own intelligence agencies, who have reported that there is no doubt regarding Russia’s attack on our election and their cyber efforts to undermine our democracy, which they say are only INCREASING today!

Then it blew me away when part of Tillerson’s account was to tell the media that as a result of their meeting, it was apparent that the U.S. and Russia share ‘common goals’.

Let me remind my readers something you may have forgotten, related directly to Rex Tillerson’s ‘common goals’ with his good buddy Vladmir Putin…It relates to before Tillerson was chosen by Trump to be his Secretary of State. Remember the old adage, ‘follow the money’, which I can assure you is a HUGE part of the current Russia investigation by Special Prosecutor Mueller?

Well don’t forget that Rex Tillerson, as former CEO of none other than EXXON PETROLEUM, had received a medal from Vladimir Putin, and the two had not only become close personal friends, but had become close business partners in a very lucrative joint enterprise to drill for oil together…Yes, they were pursuing an Exxon/Putin partnership, to drill for oil in Antarctica.

Now, what you have to remember is that this lucrative partnership the two of them were pursuing in their mutual admiration society of shared ‘common goals’ was prematurely cut short before they could ‘consummate’ their relationship…

The reason it was cut short was because of Russia’s invasion of Crimea in Ukraine, resulting in harsh sanctions against Russia by President OBama. Under those sanctions, no American corporation, not even one as ‘crony-connected’ as Exxon, can engage in doing business with Russia.

When you keep that in mind, you begin to connect many of the dots. You can see why there have been repeated efforts by Trump and his top officials to deny any talk about Russian sanctions with Russian Nationals, and then we discover that General Flynn lied and in fact DID discuss those sanctions secretively with the Russian Ambassador.

Oh, and then there was Trump tweeting yesterday after his meeting with Putin, in which he said they did not discuss the sanctions. But then today, there was White House Press Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders, asked by a reporter if Trump had discussed the sanctions with Putin, and she stated that in fact they HAD discussed the U.S. sanctions against Russia.

Another day, another lie exposed…or maybe I should say another hour, another lie…Or maybe better put, another tweet, another lie…But it’s just all a fake news ‘witch hunt’?

When you keep the above in mind, you can more easily see what those shared supposed ‘common goals’ are that Tillerson ridiculously referred to. Our two nation’s values couldn’t be more diametrically opposed, until you factor in Trump and Tillerson’s agenda.

Connie Bryan

(Here’s the link I referred to above, regarding Chris Wallace’s interview with VP Pence, and Pence’s denial of any contacts with Russians)…/chris-wallace-presses-pence-was-…/


TrumpTwitVideoQuestion: How do you think Republicans and Conservatives would have reacted if President OBama had created a video and released it on social media, depicting him as some kind of ‘gangsta’ President beating up a FOX News reporter, with their face blocked out with a FOX News logo?

First, you’d know he was not fit for the office of President if that had happened. That would be your first reaction. You’d know that it was so recklessly irresponsible that anyone who would do so would clearly not be fit to hold the office.

Secondly, you think the Tea Party was dangerous? You would have seen a volatile, gun-toting powder keg in response that would have made the Tea Party look like a…well, a literal harmless ‘tea party’. Such a video advocating beating up a FOX reporter would have prompted massive ‘white fear’ toward the black community to say the least, a problem that is already of chronic proportions in America as exhibited by the unbelievable number of recent police shootings of unarmed black men.

OF COURSE, President OBama was the consummate dignified President, and would never in a million years have even dreamed of such an unPresidential, reckless and dangerous use of his office.

But this is just more of so much that we’ve seen from Trump that screams “I’m bat sh#t crazy and my supporters don’t care!” Remember when Trump bragged on the campaign trail that he could ‘shoot someone in the middle of the street and none of his supporters would care’?

As I have often written before, this speaks volumes more about the bad character and/or lack of character period, of those who voted this dangerously dishonest, corrupt, unfit idiot into the highest office of our country. This video is beyond ‘stupid’. It reflects an undercurrent that advocates violence and hate that we’ve seen before from Trump.

If you will recall, it wasn’t that long ago that Trump tweeted out to his followers that the news media in general was “THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” At that time I immediately wrote about the very same danger created by that egregiously reckless tweet, and now we are seeing that same undercurrent reveal its unPresidential orange head once again with this latest Trump Twitter video, which shows him violently beating a person on the floor outside of a wrestling ring, with the CNN logo superimposed over the person’s head.

A couple of days ago, Trump used his Twitter account to attack “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski, viciously attacking her appearance in a sexist fashion, actually referring to her ‘bleeding from a face lift’…

As a result of that Tweet, a reporter asked why Trump would be seeking to inflame anger after the recent violence we witnessed when a lone gunman opened fire on members of Congress on a Washington D.C. baseball field. During that White House press briefing, we then heard White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee respond dishonestly by trying to say that the President has NEVER advocated violence at any time.

But that was such an unbelievable lie to hear from her, and not just especially now as we can clearly see in this video released by him, that he has advocated violence in ‘LIVING COLOR’, portraying himself engaged in bashing the head of a figurative CNN reporter…

BUT ALSO back on the campaign trail…You will recall that on multiple occasions he advocated violence by offering to pay the legal bills for a white supporter who had been caught sucker punching an African American in the audience who was not a Trump supporter…And on other occasions, whipping up his supporters saying that some anti-Trump protesters maybe deserved to be roughed up a little, etc.

And now this official ‘Presidential tweet’ depicting Trump beating a CNN reporter…and to make it even more shocking, it is ON THE HEELS of a Republican Montana candidate for office, who recently actually DID physically attack a reporter out of anger, simply because the reporter was asking him questions he didn’t like. That Republican candidate for office was charged with battery, and yet still got elected!

There must be many honorable Republicans who right about now are doing some serious re-evaluating of their bad judgment…who right about now, if they have an ounce of good character deep down, have to be realizing they cannot continue to look the other way regarding how dangerous and embarrassing Trump’s irresponsible behavior is, not only to their party, but to the nation in general.

Trump’s ignorant, low character “we don’t care if he shoots someone in the street” base notwithstanding, it feels like it is a matter of weeks, maybe a couple months now, before this corrupt disgrace of a man will likely be forced to resign as a result of his obvious unstable and unfit mental state.

We cannot have a President that tries to whip up such violence from his base by calling all of the news media ‘the enemy of the people,’ and now who has released a video that endorses the physical beating of a member of the news media.

In response to the tidal wave of disgust and disapproval by many like Senator Lindsay Graham in his own party who called this the unPresidential ‘beneath the dignity of the office’ inappropriate behavior that it was…Trump simply took to his tiny fingers once again, tweeting “My tweets are not Presidential…they are modern day Presidential.” That is one of the most ignorant things we’ve ever heard him tweet, and he tweets some pretty stupid stuff.

Using language that 2nd Amendment gun enthusiasts understand, let me give you an example of how ignorant such a statement is, when an unfit President of the United States tries to say that a Twitter video, broadcast out to all his tens of millions of followers, advocating violence toward the news media, is ‘Presidential’ in modern day standards…

Let’s say you apply for and are fortunate enough to pass the background and receive a concealed carry permit for a firearm in your respective city or county. Do you know how quick that permit would likely be yanked from you for publicly broadcasting a video that depicts you beating another human being?…And that’s just the concern by authorities at a local level for just you as an average citizen, let alone the concern it creates at a NATIONAL level with THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, with access to the nuclear codes.

Modern day Presidential? No, Donald…The dignity and responsibility that comes with the office of President will remain a constant in 2117, just as it is today in 2017.

Modern day disgrace to the office of President? Absolutely.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at


FakeTrumpTimeMagI don’t know if you have heard this latest breaking story, but reporters have disclosed that Trump was found to have fraudulent, faked Time Magazine covers hanging on the wall in some of his private golf clubs. Time magazine is now requesting their removal from the walls of Trump’s clubs.

The more you ponder the level of ‘wrongness’ and egomania behind this latest revelation, you realize it is much more significant than a lot of the media is currently realizing, as they are today now distracted from it by his latest ’12 year old girl style’ attack on Twitter toward NBC’s “Morning Joe” show co-host Mika Brzezinski.

But these fake Time Magazine covers he chose to hang in his private clubs are so emblematic in and of themselves of his deep seeded corrupt and pretentious character, of his destruction of the integrity and dignity of the office of President, and of the overall national disgrace that is the Trump brand. It is far and above, much stronger evidence of the need to remove him from office, than even his sexist tweets about Brzezinski today, taking a shot at her and referring to her ‘bleeding from a facelift.’

They are even more of a disgrace when you see Trump’s latest efforts to routinely refuse to allow cameras in the White House briefings, and when you hear him and his lap dog White House spokespersons Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sean Spicer among others, routinely attacking the media as ‘fake news’ every time the media does their job and exposes him for his weekly pattern of dishonesty and lies…even going so far if you will recall, in tweeting to his angry white followers that the news media is ‘the enemy of the people’.

I shouldn’t even have to point out the obvious threatening and reckless nature of such comments by a Commander-in-Chief. But it is just more of the tidal wave of evidence we see on a regular basis that demonstrates he is far from being fit to hold such an honorable title. That kind of Presidential hate speech, calling the news media the ‘enemy of the people’, is extremely dangerous and can easily result in fringe followers deciding to take it as a call to action to target members of the news media in dutiful, sick acts of violence.

Seeing and hearing this emphasis from Trump, regularly attacking the news reporters as ‘fake news’ who expose his fraudulent behavior, only serves to place a MAGNIFYING GLASS on his giant con game and avalanche of hypocrisy, as we find out he has been placing fake new covers of himself on Time Magazine prominently on the walls of his private golf clubs, in an apparent effort to add to the false FAKE IMAGE of his “success”.

Let’s take a walk down recent ‘memory lane’, and look back at some key examples of the REAL ‘fake news’…

Donald Trump’s authorship…his ‘face on the cover’ as it were, of the entire dishonest “BIRTHER movement,” in which he told us all he was uncovering massive shocking evidence to prove that President OBama was in fact born in Kenya…Of course as we all know, this turned out to be a complete lie and total fake news…

After Trump’s inauguration, his trying to tell the world (along with help from his newly appointed White House ‘purse poodle’ Sean Spicer) that he had the LARGEST turnout in Presidential history on the White House mall grounds that day…

Embarrassingly for Trump, in no short order he was shown to be lying his ass off, as the major news networks quickly showed pictures of both his inauguration and President OBama’s, side by side, from the same time of day…OBama’s packed with standing room only gigantic overflowing crowd…Trump’s looking like the sparse fans at a “Hootie and the Blowfish reunion concert”.

And let’s not forget Trump’s lying repeatedly to all of the major news networks that NONE of his campaign members, and nobody in his administration ever had ANY connections or communication with Russians…

Then of course one after another, lie upon lie kept being proven when we kept finding out that not only had one of his top senior advisers, General Flynn, had contact with the Russians, but that both Flynn AND Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner had met with the Russians TOGETHER. And where might that have happened? You guessed it…TRUMP TOWER!

And since those efforts to cover up those Russian meetings were exposed, the FBI and several other intelligence organizations have let it be known that SEVERAL MORE of Trump’s key staff members during his campaign and afterward have been in contact with Russian individuals, both before and after the campaign…

This is a gigantic group of lies and effort by Trump to cover up that truth that ended up being exposed. What did he do since then? He takes to Twitter and has his ‘spokespoodles’ continue to bark at the media, calling them ‘fake news’ for exposing him.

But we aren’t done showcasing the real con act and the real “fake news” continuing with the greatest hits from Trump’s lies…

In the middle of the F.B.I.’s investigation of possible Trump administration ties to Russia, he fires F.B.I. Director James Comey, and then tells the news media that the reason he did so had NOTHING to do with the Russian investigation that Comey was leading. He initially tries to say that it was only on the recommendation of his Deputy Atty General Rob Rosenstein…

Then what does Trump do? He can’t help himself…He goes on “NBC Tonight” and gives an interview on the topic, in which he just can’t help but slip up without realizing it…As much as he loves to hear himself talk, he ends up accidentally admitting in the moment that in fact, he absolutely WAS going to fire Comey all along, had already made up his mind to do so WELL BEFORE any recommendation from Rosenstein…And if that wasn’t enough, he added in that interview that it was entirely all BECAUSE he was angry at Comey for CONTINUING THE RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION!

Again, what does the man do who we have now exposed for hanging FAKE Time Magazine covers of himself in his golf clubs after that huge corrupt lie and clear OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE was exposed?

He continues to tweet to his angry white foaming at the mouth supporters that those who are reporting these things…Those who simply AIRED THE INTERVIEW in which he exposed HIMSELF as a liar…all of that is ‘fake news’…But wait, we still aren’t done with the greatest hits…

After he fired Comey, and soon after it was leaked that Trump had pressed Comey for LOYALTY of all things during a private dinner they had back in January of 2017, Trump decides to harass Comey by again tweeting a complete lie, leading the American people to believe that he had privately recorded Comey during their private dinner meeting. Trump tweeted words to the effect that “Comey better hope their aren’t ‘tapes’ of our conversation during our meeting”.

As a result, the news media and all of the key leaders in both the House and the Senate began asking nonstop for Trump to produce any ‘tapes’ he had made. Due to this inexcusable lie from Trump, which some legal experts claim rises to a higher level of crime even than ‘obstructing’, actually qualifying as ‘witness tampering’, it resulted in subpoenas being sent from Congress intelligence committees investigating the Russian interference in our election, demanding that Trump produce said ‘tapes’ that he had referred to having in his possession.

FORTY ONE DAYS LATER, after he led the nation to believe for all that time that he may have secret White House recordings, he finally once again in a Presidential tweet, says words to the effect “I don’t know if any such tapes exist, but I didn’t make any such recordings”.

Do you see the pattern of not only dishonesty, but of the non-stop con artist game playing of Trump? Most of the country…I say ‘most’ reflected by Hillary getting the majority vote, and taking into account all the Republicans and Independents who also knew better than to vote for this ‘walking McDonald’s dumpster fire’ of Donald Trump, could see this plain as day from the beginning.

What you need to understand is that this nonstop con artist game playing by Trump is a fundamental element of his character, and it is completely THE REASON WHY he would apparently do something so dishonest as to hang fake Time magazine covers of himself in his private golf clubs…

You have to remember that Trump not only GETS a huge charge of amusement out of the constant game he’s running of FAKENESS and PRETENTION…creating the constant pretense that he is so much more successful than he is…But he desperately NEEDS that charge that he gets from it in order to protect his fragile ‘Napoleon complex’ ego.

It is dangerous beyond description to have someone as unfit, corrupt and dishonest as this, holding the office of President and the leader of the free world. He is making an international mockery of the integrity of the office on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of Connie’s material on her website and blog at

British Prime Minister: “Too Much Tolerance for Extremism”

TheresaMayIn the wake of the recent London Bridge terror attack…What do you think Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May means when she says there is too much tolerance toward “extremism” in our country?

The very critical thing to understand, and that is currently considered ‘politically incorrect’ by many Liberals and the mainstream media, is that generally these violent acts are NOT viewed by the attackers as ‘terrorism’ per se…They are intended and carried out as a RELIGIOUS/CULTURAL WAR against all ‘infidels’, especially Christians and Jews, around the world.

KoranIt is critical to begin to face the hard and unpopular truth that these acts we routinely refer to as ‘terrorism’ are seen by the Muslims committing them simply as an obedient EXPRESSION OF MUSLIM FAITH, as called for SPECIFICALLY in the Koran. To deny this fundamental truth is political correctness gone ‘off the reservation!’

Liberals and the mainstream media are doing a severe disservice to humanity in ignoring this truth, effectively burying their heads in the sand about it, and calling others ‘bigots’ who refuse to follow in their misguided, politically correct “ostrich footsteps” (as ostriches have the stereotype of wanting to bury their heads in the sand:)

Western media has seized on and relentlessly hypes the word ‘terrorism’ to describe these violent acts of Muslim religious faith for maximum ratings. Whenever there is such a faith-based act of ‘religious war’ by Muslims, the media almost seems to become a ‘partner’ of sorts, with the dutiful way they immediately eclipse all other important news, and give the attackers WALL TO WALL, worldwide nonstop coverage for HOURS UPON HOURS, and often DAYS UPON DAYS.

Have we learned nothing of how that kind of media ‘glorification’ was motivating more young men to copycat the mass killers of Columbine and the like? Such over-exposed attention to each extremist act is a GIGANTIC contributor to the problem. This is a no brainer.

If you don’t think it does, keep in mind that it has just been reported by the Brits that the individuals responsible for the London Bridge attack were COPYCATS of the previous attack in Britain in which a van and knives were used. EVEN THEIR SUICIDE VESTS WERE FAKES! They were obsessed with ‘acting’ like the non-stop blockbuster movie coverage that had been hyped and glorified by the media in the process.

There is an insane amount of ratings driven hypocrisy and lack of intellectual honesty behind all of this. This is one of the areas that moderate Progressives like myself find solid common ground with moderate Conservatives. It is time to face the hard truth, and that is what Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to say when she says there is too much ‘tolerance for extremism.’

ExtremistKoranFIRST AND FOREMOST, we have to stop allowing the media and dishonest Liberals to ignore the Islamic FAITH-BASED nature of these violent acts at their core, as such faith-based acts of religious war are plainly and repeatedly called for in the Muslim Koran.

When you understand that truth, you can begin to grasp how those committing such ‘faith based’ violent acts DO NOT see themselves necessarily as terrorists. Quite the contrary, they see themselves entirely as obedient followers of Allah…fulfilling Mohammed’s teaching that such acts are necessary in the ‘end times’, and actually demanded by Allah in order to create their worldwide Muslim ‘Caliphate’, bringing ‘Sharia Law’ by force to the entire world.

Rather than seeing themselves as ‘terrorists’ (as our media loves to call it in dishonestly removing this religious faith equation) they see themselves as obedient and holy PRACTITIONERS OF THEIR FAITH…as ‘martyrs’ who will receive an eternal reward in heaven from Allah.

That belief is FUNDAMENTAL ISLAM, as taught fundamentally in the scriptures of the Koran. There are a lot of people who are actively trying to deny that truth right now, and that is not just misguided ‘tolerance’ of a religion, it is insanely dangerous and irresponsible! Because we cannot ever begin to address and heal such hateful divisive thinking as long as we lie to each other and PRETEND IT IS SOMETHING ELSE!

Now please follow me on this next point, because here’s where the truth gets even more unpopular…

BibleKoranThisMeansWarPicHistorically, this kind of ‘faith-based’ violence (that others outside of said faith always see as ‘terrorism’) has not been isolated to just Islam and the teachings in the Koran! As I said above, it is rooted in religious ‘end times’ teaching and fear-mongering. That said, WHERE ELSE do we find that ‘end times’ teaching and fear-mongering? You guessed it…The BIBLE!

I was talking with a good friend of mine recently, and he made the correct observation that MOST people who call themselves Christians don’t really know what the Bible says about their faith…

BibleKoranThey also don’t know about the EXACT SAME KIND of violent faith-based mass killing of ‘infidels/unbelievers’ committed over and over by both Jews and Christians all throughout history. This is because most people don’t like to READ anymore, as many recent polls and studies have reported.

Such mass killings and ‘holy genocide’ of ‘unbelievers’ are supposedly authorized and demanded by the God of the Jews all throughout the Old Testament (See Joshua chapter 6 and the story of Jericho for but one of countless examples)

For but just a few examples:

CathInquisitionChristians and the Catholic Church engaged in their mass
faith-based killing in the interest of their own ‘worldwide Christian Caliphate’ during the Crusades, in the Great Inquisition, and in the genocidal killing of millions and millions of Native Americans who naturally fought to protect their homeland and refused to ‘convert’ to Christianity when Christians invaded North, South and Central America, conquering it ‘in the name of God’…These were nothing but similar ‘caliphate’ faith-based religious acts just like what is taught to Muslims in the Koran.

In closing, understand that there is NO MORE IMPORTANT topic than this in our world today. If like me, you want nothing more than to bring healing and peace to mankind, it is time that you faced the uncomfortable truth regarding the DIVISIVE nature of organized religion…

MotherOfPeaceBOTH Judeo/Christianity AND Islam are what has constantly stood in the way of uniting humanity and allowing for world peace. All they do is DIVIDE with their sick and bigoted man-made teaching that MASQUERADES as “God’s” teaching, that their beliefs (BOTH Christian AND Muslim alike) are the ONLY true belief, and that all who don’t convert are worthy of condemnation in the eyes of God.

HellpicI am saddened and embarrassed to say that my own mother embraces such condemning Bible beliefs as an ‘evangelical Christian’, rooted in those very teachings found all throughout the King James Bible…That all others who don’t convert to Christianity are ‘infidels’ and will be destroyed by the armies of Jesus upon his return, etc…

As I spelled out above, this kind of belief is the SAME as the fundamental teachings in the Koran fueling these violent faith-based acts by Muslims. It is nothing short of a miracle that I was ‘saved’ from my mother trying to cram such religious hate and bigotry down my throat as a child.

This is at the root of what Prime Minister Theresa May is saying, when she says there is too much ‘tolerance for extremism’. It is time to stop pretending number one, that the extremism is just ‘terrorism’ and not an obedient FAITH-BASED act to standard fundamental teachings in the Islamic faith…and number two, that the extremism is LIMITED to Islam…

HeavenHellPicThe extremism is fundamentally found in each of the main religious teachings, and has produced this kind of genocidal worldwide war and violence, falsely in the ‘name of God/Allah’ for thousands of years. It is time to confront it in ALL forms of religion for the MAN MADE hate and bigotry that it is.

As long as we don’t face that ‘unpopular truth’, we are lying to ourselves, and in such misplaced ‘tolerance’, we not only will be continuing to ignore the ONE path toward HEALING the problem, but we will be as guilty of enabling it as the mainstream media is when they in effect glorify every violent act with wall to wall coverage for ratings.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

Republicans Not Only Ones With Growing Cancer In Their Party

SurgeryPicWhat we are witnessing with Donald Trump and his perversion of the highest office of our land is a clear symptom of a chronic disease within the Republican Party. If the Republican Party were a patient, their doctor would rush them into surgery as soon as possible to attempt to remove the dangerous life threatening tumor.

I will address THE SAME life threatening cancer within the Democratic Party momentarily.

But first…Let’s do a comprehensive recap followed by a current update of the massive evidence of vulgar, corrupt and low character Trump behavior…

mccainwarheroHis mind blowing denigrating of beloved prisoner of war hero Senator John McCain, saying ‘He’s no hero, I like soldiers who DON’T GET CAUGHT'(after Trump himself sought 4 draft deferments to avoid serving in the military)…

His many well reported and documented strong business ties to ORGANIZED CRIME FAMILIES in the building of his casino empire in New York and New Jersey…

trumpivankaHis multiple references ON CAMERA on at least two network television interviews saying that his daughter Ivanka is so hot that if she wasn’t his daughter ‘he’d be dating her’…

The tape from his interview with Access Hollywood that reveals him proudly claiming that because of his star status he can treat women any way he wants, saying that when he meets hot women for the first time, he does whatever he wants including ‘grabbing them by the p#ssy’…

TrumpWallCrowdHis routine hate speech toward Mexican and Muslim immigrants, seeking an absolute Muslim ban on new Muslims coming to America, and repeatedly on the campaign trail characterizing the majority of Mexican immigrants to our country as being nothing but ‘rapists and violent felons'(nothing could be further from the truth)…

trumpunivHis fraudulent “Trump University” that reportedly has defrauded thousands, including many senior citizens, of millions of dollars of their tuition, and which has recently settled for 25 million in order to make the investigation ‘go away’…

And now for a comprehensive update to those and many other corrupt, low character things we have routinely witnessed from Trump just during the campaign alone…he has now engaged in the following compounding lies and bewildering corruption while most of his ‘diseased’ supporters and simpletons react by burying their heads in their hypocritical sandboxes…

trumpflynnTrump flat out lied saying repeatedly during his campaign and after the election that ‘NO MEMBER of my campaign staff has ever had any contact with the Russians’…Then of course it leaked out that one of his closest top advisers, General Flynn, had not only had contact with the Russians, but had received a large sum of money from Russia, and had failed to register as a ‘foreign agent’ for Turkey, where he also was being paid large sums of money…

Flat out IGNORED Attorney General Sally Yates and the Obama administration’s specific warning about Flynn, when Yates came to the White House and told Trump about known intelligence developed on Flynn, and warned him that General Flynn was compromised by the Russians. Trump elected to take no action.

After Trump continued to be asked if any of his campaign or administration had ever talked to the Russians and specifically whether any of them EVER DISCUSSED SANCTIONS with the Russians, Trump continued with his lies to the press saying no…

RussianAmbassadorWe only discovered he was lying ‘big league’ about this when his hand was forced to reluctantly fire General Flynn, after it leaked out that Flynn had in fact been talking to the Russian Ambassador secretively, and that they had absolutely discussed the Russians’ number one concern of the sanctions against them by the United States.

Thankfully we discovered this because Flynn (and apparently some others) had been inadvertently overheard by diligent American intelligence officials who were legally monitoring the communications of known Russian agents such as the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and the Flynn conversations with him were recorded.

TrumpClspTrump begins his nonstop rant ever since, attempting to distract from his cover up attempt by raving against the ‘leaking’ of the information, as though the leaking and revelation of his corrupt dishonesty to the nation is the treasonous problem, and not his administration’s attempting to cover up their communications with the Russians…and this after our election is now known to have been hacked by the Russians in an effort to elect Trump!

But wait, there’s much more…

While Trump can’t say a negative word about monstrous war criminal Vladimir Putin, who is responsible for the violent murders of scores of ethical journalists who reported on his corruption, human rights atrocities and war crimes, and who is responsible for ordering the mass killing of tens of thousands of innocent refugees in both Ukraine and Syria (many of the carpet bombing war planes in Syria were RUSSIAN PILOTS, not just Assad’s Syrian pilots)…

trumpputinbarechestWhile Trump cannot say a negative word about Putin despite the above known facts about his murderous, war crime history in order to hold on to power, and while Trump is known for calling Putin a great leader of all things, we now have the mind-blowing contrast of Trump calling well respected patriot and FBI Director James Comey a total ‘nut job’…

This after Trump was unable to get Comey to be his personal lapdog – After he was unable to get Comey to ‘pledge loyalty’ to him – After he actually asked and was unable to get Comey to DROP the Flynn investigation! (These things being documented by Comey in a detailed memo he wrote documenting the inappropriate communications by Trump in at least two of their private meetings.)

TrumpComeyTrump then seeks out his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and tasks him with writing up an unfavorable memo regarding criticism of Comey, due to Comey’s supposedly ‘unfair treatment’ of Hillary Clinton of all things! Riiiiight…Because we all know Trump thought Hillary was being treated UNFAIRLY by Comey during the campaign!

On the contrary, one could argue that Trump owes Comey a lifelong debt of gratitude for HANDING HIM THE ELECTION with his revealing to the nation that he had re-opened the investigation into her private email communications only a month before election day.

And how do we remember Trump and his supporters reacting? Nothing but nonstop praise of James Comey for being the consummate patriot and professional. So let’s get real.

After Trump’s Deputy Atty General tenders the requested memo Trump asked him to write, Trump summarily FIRES Director Comey, and initially tries to use the Deputy Atty General’s memo and “recommendation” for the firing.

TrumpNBCIntBut in no time at all, during an interview on NBC’s Nightly News, Trump revealed that he was in fact lying about that, and he slips and admits during the interview that he knew long beforehand that he was going to fire Comey, and that his decision was primarily because of his anger regarding the FBI’s ongoing investigation into his administration’s possible ties to Russia…

Not only did Trump admit this as his motivation during the interview, he further added that the FBI’s investigation into his administration is nothing but a “hoax” by the Democrats, angry because they lost the election.

But speaking of ‘hoaxes’, if that wasn’t enough, we then find that Deputy Atty General Rosenstein had become very angry behind the scenes that he had been ‘played’ and used as the initial excuse by the President for the rationale for firing Comey. (This is probably what forced Trump to have the motivation to change that ‘story’ during the NBC interview)…

TrumpRussiansOvalOfcThen unbelievably, what does this corrupt President do? He invites the known top Russian spy leader, Ambassador Kislyak and one of his top Russian colleagues INTO THE OVAL OFFICE. He bans all American reporters and photographers, but ALLOWS a Russian photographer…

During this blatant ‘ass kissing’ of the Russians, Trump reveals top classified intelligence that we hadn’t even revealed to many of our top allies yet, but Trump reveals this sensitive information to one of our KNOWN KEY ADVERSARIES, while entertaining them in the oval office.

What happens immediately after he does so? General McMaster proceeds to lie to the press in an official interview answering questions about this, in which McMasters tells the press that Trump NEVER revealed any sensitive intelligence to the Russians.

But as is becoming the norm with the Trump administration’s culture of dishonesty, this is exposed as a lie. Within 24 hours Trump sends out one of his tweets to the world saying with impunity that as President, he had every right to reveal sensitive information he deems fit to the Russians.

Then within a day or so of this happening, the news leaks from the transcripts of Trump’s meeting with the Russians in the Oval Office that not only did Trump brag about firing Comey for being a ‘crazy nut job’, but that he told the Russians that his firing of Comey was in fact done for the purpose of ending the Russian investigation…specifically that it had eased a lot of pressure and that he was ‘not under investigation’ now.

TrumpOvalOfcWindowTaken together, it is clear at a minimum that Trump has engaged in repeated efforts to impede and/or stop the FBI investigation into his administration’s possible ties to Russia. That is what is called “obstruction of justice”. But that is just at a minimum what we are ultimately going to find he is guilty of. (yes I ended that sentence with a preposition…get over it, we have more pressing concerns)

JaredKushner1On the heels of the above news, NBC is now reporting that the FBI investigation has now identified one of the top senior advisers to the President, Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner, as a key “person of interest.”

KushnerFlynnAs you can see by now, it is impossible to write about this subject in any comprehensive way without feeling like you are writing a dog gone BOOK for crying out loud! But I am doing it in the interest of reminding you of all the things that are happening at a sort of fever pitch…Behavior of a seriously dishonest and corrupt nature that happens so fast, and then the media is on to the next, and you just can’t keep up with it all.

So when you start to forget some of his many compounding lies as you encounter any Trump supporters who try to hit you with their inevitable and bewildering: “What proof do you have?”, you can keep this as a reminder of the proof to refresh your memory (and their’s) of most of the key corrupt Trump lies and cover up attempts taking place over the last few months that are perverting and disgracing the highest office of our land.

Major proof of the actual crimes committed will be coming down the line, as the FBI has revealed that the investigation has expanded from initially just being a counter-intelligence investigation, to now being a full on criminal investigation. They have also revealed that it has expanded to specifically include a major focus on possible financial crimes and money-laundering.

BobMuellerSpecProsBut of course much of it is still confidential in the ongoing FBI investigation, thankfully now being conducted by former FBI director, Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller. But don’t forget this folks…It is often the COVER UP, not the crimes, that brings down a corrupt President.

And the ‘PROOF’ of cover up attempts and their associated compounding lies by Trump and his key staff are repeatedly found left and right. That is what tells us there is something huge there, and that is why Trump told the Russians he had fired Comey to ‘ease the pressure’. It is obvious he is sweating bullets and knows he has a lot to hide.

Now, to payoff my initial statement that this kind of ‘cancerous disease’ is not unique to Republicans…

DNCLogoThere is a lot of talk right now about what has become of the Democratic Party as a result of our major loss in the last Presidential election that has led to this current national crisis and disgrace…There’s a lot of introspection and concern about what direction we need to take to recover from this, and get our ‘mojo’ back, for lack of a better word.

Well I will tell you exactly what the problem is, and it isn’t going to be popular. But understand something…what is ‘popular’ is often NOT what is ethical and moral. And that is at the root of the problem in the Democratic Party.

Honesty about this is required if we are going to heal the disease within our ranks that has led to our low voter turnout and the consequential success by Trump voters in the last election.

The reason that happened is because we have lost SO MANY people who have bailed on our party and become Republicans and/or Independents, who had they not left our party, we would have won hands down…But so many have left our party and continue to do so at present, for the precise reason that they have become sick of the LACK OF VALUES AND ETHICS reflected by the ‘do whatever feels good’ culture embraced by many Liberals and the Democratic Party in general.

What direction does the Democratic Party need to go from here? To get our ‘mojo’ back, we must get our MORALS back…But don’t get me wrong I’m talking about COMMUNITY morals, not religious morals.

Like the cancerous disease in the Republican Party which includes a major hypocritical blend of evangelical religion, Wall Street and corporate corruption and angry white elitism and bigotry…Democrats have a different disease on the other end of the spectrum, so to speak…

LiberalDemsWhile we can recognize there is a need for legal abortion in order for women to control their reproduction the same as a man, we have to STOP CELEBRATING ABORTION. That is the impression our party has given to the world, that Liberals ‘celebrate’ abortion, as though there is nothing about it that is sad, or necessary to be avoided if possible.

We can understand that abortion should be legal, without creating that sick impression that there is nothing about it which reveals a lack of responsibility. We can embrace the moral values that every Liberal Democrat parent should be teaching their daughters: That sex is for adults, because it comes with such incredibly serious adult responsibilities, including getting pregnant and the responsibility of the life of another human being in your hands…

Not to mention the potential for contracting sexually transmitted diseases…Teaching our kids that abortion is an unfortunate, sad LAST RESORT…that is absolutely is nothing to be ‘celebrated’…and that while we as Democrats will defend a woman’s right to control her reproduction, our new adjusted position on this topic is that we hope for abortion to be ‘EARLY and RARE’ as opposed to ‘LATE in a pregnancy and OFTEN’.

That is the biggest evidence of our lack of embracing basic normal community morals and values that has led to many who would otherwise be in our party, to have left the party.

doperAnother strong example of the disease we are contending with within our party is the way Liberals have irresponsibly taken to celebrating RECREATIONAL DRUG USE. We can understand that drug USERS as opposed to “DEALERS” do not need to be imprisoned (Dealers of course DO need to be imprisoned) without attaching to that understanding the sick celebration of marijuana and other recreational drug use, as though there is nothing dangerous or wrong about it!

What kind of message does that send to young people? It certainly does not send a responsible message that embraces community morals and values, I can assure you of that.

Liberals’ common display of CELEBRATION of the right to get high and use recreational drugs has become a hallmark of the general impression Liberals and Democrats have given the world, and that has to change if we are going to be the healing LEADERS that our nation desperately needs right now.

Democrats have to change course and realize that we have to show the world we are taking back the moral ground…Moral ground we mistakenly forsook very irresponsibly in the past…Moral ground that has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with COMMUNITY MORALS, and setting the right HEALTHY EXAMPLE for young people.

When we do that, it will show we have matured and are ready for the responsibility that is needed now from political leaders…Freedom REQUIRES MORAL RESPONSIBILITY. Freedom does not mean you celebrate DOING WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD as long as you aren’t harming others. It doesn’t mean you ignore the fact that a ‘person’ is being harmed when an unborn child is aborted. Moral responsibility recognizes a woman’s right to choose while SIMULTANEOUSLY HOPING SHE CHOOSES LIFE.

In other words, the Democratic Party needs to change course drastically and make it known how THAT is our new platform…We are calling on those who have bolted because of our former immaturity and irresponsibility to return, and we embrace those of you who recognize a woman’s right to choose while yourselves hoping she chooses life for the unborn child.

StonedBabyIt is simple…We have to rid our party of that cancerous disease described above that has abandoned setting a moral healthy common sense example for young people…

To get our party’s MOJO back, we have to realize it is time we get our MORALS back.

And I would tag that with the slogan I recently coined, and I’m hoping maybe the Bernie Sanders camp might embrace it if he will consider running again:

“Bernie Sanders…HINDSIGHT IS 2020”

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

The Self Destruction of a Dishonest President

TrumpClspWith the recent shocking events involving Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey in the MIDDLE of the FBI’s huge investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Putin and Russia, we are witnessing the self destruction of a dishonest President who likely will not last one full year in office.

In his most recent interview on the NBC Nightly News, Trump contradicted the reason for firing Comey, given by Vice President Pence, Sean Spicer and other key members of his administration, who had said Trump simply “followed the recommendations” of the Deputy Attorney General.

TrumpNBCIntHe revealed in the NBC Nightly News interview that in fact, he was angry about what he called a “hoax” of an FBI investigation into his campaign, and that he had ALREADY decided to fire Director Comey long before that recommendation (which by the way, Trump had specifically asked his Deputy Attorney General to draft a letter about).

At a minimum, this reveals two very corrupt things…One being that Trump was caught in a huge lie here, having instructed his top administration members and key spokesperson to tell the world one story, then letting the truth slip out during the NBC interview that the reason the White House had initially given was absolutely not the case.

TrumpComeySecondly, Trump revealed in that NBC interview that his reason absolutely was motivated primarily by his anger regarding what he tried to call a “hoax” of an investigation into his campaign’s possible connections to Russia.  Amazingly, this is an admission of committing what is called “obstruction of justice”.

Understand this important point: When you admit that your fundamental reason behind firing the top law enforcement investigator who is investigating you is that you didn’t like what he was investigating and considered it bull sh#t or a ‘hoax’, you have admitted that you obstructed justice. Republicans continue to just ignore this truth, which is simply unbelievable.

Now we hear the news that in addition to Director Comey being fired by Trump, there is another corrupt similarity now being revealed with respect to Trump’s firing of well respected US Attorney for the New York District, Preet Barara…

PreetBhararaWe are now hearing from sources in the FBI that US Atty Bararra was in fact pursuing an active investigation into possible MONEY LAUNDERING by Russian individuals using TRUMP BUSINESSES. And what happened there? Trump also fired Bharara, which seems like ancient news now, doesn’t it? Yet it was only about a month ago.

Trump has taken to saying recently that “I don’t have any investments in Russia”…This is likely a matter of ‘semantics’ or word play…While he may not technically have investments currently in Russia, Russian individuals easily could have made huge investments in Trump businesses.

As a matter of fact, recently there was a business man names James Dodson interviewed in the news in which he recounted a specific conversation that surprised him when he was riding in the same golf cart with Trump’s son Eric.

EricTrumpHe said that when he asked what banks were funding their Trump developments, Eric had no reservation in informing him that they did not depend on any banks, but saying: “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”
(Here is the link:…/eric-trump-russia-investment-go…)

TrumpJrAnd let’s not forget the now fairly well known comment made by Donald Trump Jr. in 2008, saying that the Russians represent a ‘disproportionate cross section of investment in our businesses in Dubai and abroad’.

Those ignoring this avalanche of corruption and dishonesty we are all witnessing, and refusing to acknowledge it are shameful hypocrites beyond comprehension. If this behavior were happening from a Democrat President, i.e. Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, they’d see it clearly and plainly.

So make no mistake, what makes them gigantic shameful hypocrites is precisely because they DO see it, yet they are more than willing to play the same Trump game, pretending they love the “emperor’s new clothes,” while the rest of us have seen from the beginning the ugly orange shade of ‘naked’ the con artist really is.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

Trump’s Own Words Sum Up His Incompetent First 100 Days

TrumpOvalOfcWindowTrump supporters desperate to distract from the first incompetent 100 days of Trump in the White House love to say it is a “meaningless measuring stick”…REALLY? You mean as meaningless of a “measuring stick” as his tiny fingers’ first 100 GROPES of women by their p*ssy? (His words not ours)

Another thing I’ve noticed from his deeply character-challenged supporters is how much they love to try to rub his election in everyone elses face, saying “Democrats just can’t believe he beat Hillary!”

No, what Democrats can’t believe is NOT that Hillary lost…What Democrats AND many Republicans are shocked by is that so many of you were either that low character or that easily gas lit and fooled by such a gigantic orange reality show con artist.

TrumpWallCrowdWe were shocked that there was that degree of national ugliness, combined with mind-blowing stupidity and ignorance…We were shocked that those things could still be so prevalent in our communities across this country today.

And it isn’t any kind of argument to ignore all the huge disreputable, bad character and corrupt things about Trump, while simultaneously bringing up Hillary as your excuse… That does nothing to negate your horribly bad judgement.

One can think Hillary was a horrible choice – but using that same code of ethics, if one then looks at Trump and chooses to ignore his gigantic boatload of major corruption, fraud investigations, refusal to release his taxes, strong ties to organized crime, etc, etc, that only serves to make one a GIGANTIC hypocrite. It is a simple as that…there is no moral or ethical ground with Trump, only wild hypocrisy and bad judgement.

In the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s vulgar, bigoted, white elitist hate-speech driven campaign, you’d have to be mentally challenged NOT to see the egregious reports of a lifelong pattern of corruption in the building of his New York and New Jersey casino empire, his significantly reported ties to organized crime (Google it!), the reported fraud surrounding his Trump University, his refusal to release his taxes after bragging that he was “smart because I don’t pay taxes”…

His history of making sexual remarks with respect to his daughter Ivanka, REPEATEDLY in television interviews saying things like ‘Ivanka is so gorgeous if she weren’t my daughter I’d be dating her’…

Or in another similar television interview, when asked what interests he and Ivanka might share in common, after Ivanka mentioned “real estate”, Trump’s response was to say “SEX” after which he soft-pedaled that answer a little by saying he wasn’t sure if that answer was in fact mutually shared by Ivanka…And all Ivanka did as a result was to giggle embarrassingly.

trumpivankaBUT EVERYONE WITNESSED THESE THINGS IN LIVING ORANGE COLOR…And what Democrats (and as I said, many Republicans as well) were shocked by was how many dumb-asses and low character angry white Americans and their angry white wives heard and saw those things with their very own ears and eyes, and STILL said “Hell yeah, I like THAT GUY!”

Democrats knew that Hillary had created an impression with many Americans that she and her husband had found ways to enrich themselves through the Clinton Foundation, and that there were serious trust issues surrounding her as a result of the “coy” way she handled her private email server issue.

trumpunivBut compared to Trump’s widely reported record of ties to organized crime, along with all the documented fraud and corruption investigations, many of which he managed to ‘settle’ to avoid convictions…And compared to all the vulgar hate-speech, womanizing and angry white bigotry that regularly spews out of his mouth, Trump makes Hillary look like a Hollywood yoga instructor who got caught operating without a license…

Democrats (and many Republicans) are outraged that so many of you could be so irresponsible as to place our country in such grave danger by electing such a disgraceful, climate change denying, incompetent, egocentric con artist to the highest office of our land at such a critical time in our history.

And then we hear from Trump’s own 12 year old mind: ‘I thought it would be easier’…and ‘Who would have thought health care could be so complicated?’…and ‘This is more work than my previous life’…ALL HIS WORDS NOT OURS…
And in his own words they very effectively sum up the meaning of Trump’s embarrassing and incompetent first 100 days.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

What Are We? The “Mother of all PEACE” or the “Mother of all WAR?”

MotherOfPeaceDon’t you think it’s time that we moved on by now to the NEXT LEVEL as leaders on this planet? Are we EVER going to set the example, carrying a torch of “America the PEACEMAKER” instead of “America the WARMAKER?”

This is a little bit longer oped than I usually write, but there is no more important topic facing mankind today. So I hope you won’t let the length deter you, as there are a lot of very important specific points that need addressing here, in showing how peacemaking is achievable and NOT just pie in the sky “rainbows and unicorn talk”.

Recently, our military used the largest conventional (non-nuclear) bomb in our inventory in Afghanistan. They seemed outright celebratory and giddy in their desire to tell us about the bomb’s ‘name’, strangely attaching the counter-intuitive loving term “Mother” to it: “The MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS”…

MoabBombThey even proudly provided pictures to the press of the ‘mother’ bomb, with those actual initials “MOAB” painted on the side, and told us that was the bomb’s actual name, “Moab”.  America has always loved to name our bombs. We proudly announced the names of the atomic bombs we dropped on Japan, and had them also painted on the side of those atomic bombs. Even as a little kid, when I first learned that, I intuitively knew that was really sick.

Obviously it is important for a free nation to have a strong military. I am a former Security Police sergeant in the Air Force…I actually guarded our nation’s priority A nuclear weapons systems for my entire term of enlistment, including the ICBM Minuteman missile system and the B-52 and B-1 bombers. I believe in a strong military as a deterrent.

But there is a huge difference between that and the widely known, longstanding reputation for America’s “Mother of All Love Affairs” with war, and the selfish profiteering we obsessively seek from it.

But that isn’t what mankind and the world in general needs…What the world desperately needs now more than ever from America’s leadership as the strongest nation on the planet, is that we be the “Mother of All Peace” instead of the “Mother of All War”.

For the overwhelming majority of all the years we’ve been a country, we have been making war anywhere we could in a posture of imperialism, which some history scholars say really took off during and after President Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency.


KimJongUnIf our goal is to see just what a nuclear holocaust might be like, then we should just continue with the status quo of the reputation we have built in the minds of the rest of the world, especially since we have the perfect storm for that now, with such an ego-maniacal, napoleon complex, wanna-be dictator with the weird hairdo…But enough about DONALD TRUMP!! (Insert drum rim shot)

You thought I meant Kim Jong Un…Yeah, so with two highly unpredictable, egocentric world leaders who both appear to be competing for the title of the “Mother of all Weird Hairdos”, is the answer what Trump has been doing?…Ramping up the war rhetoric as though we are happy to be off to the ‘mother of all nuclear races’?(It is simply mind-blowing, the absurd ignorance of it all.)

trumpputinbarechestBut it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time for a change to be demanded from honorable Americans who knew better than to vote for this Putin-loving, fake-haired, used car salesman on steroids.

We need to change direction in a major and effective way, and reverse course from the centuries old warmongering, imperialistic rhetoric that has caused so much deep-seeded fear and nuclear posturing from many other countries, such as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, not to mention Pakistan… just to name a few.

We need a few national leaders to get to a microphone in front of the press…and regularly at the United Nations…And the new United States message to the world needs to be drastically different in tone: “WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO MAKE FRIENDS AND HELP EACH OTHER?”


THAT is the message the world is waiting on overall…THAT is the “next step” in humanity’s ‘spiritual evolution’ if we are going to survive.

NukeMushCloudHere’s the thing…Precisely BECAUSE we claim to believe in such humanitarian values per our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, WE need to be the ones to begin beating that drum, challenging all the other countries to try coming together as friends.

WE need to lead and champion that message of universal friendship BY EXAMPLE…Not by increased ‘nuclear posturing’ (Remember Trump’s comments during the campaign saying words to the effect that it doesn’t make sense to have nukes if you aren’t willing to use them, etc?)…and we certainly don’t lead in that example by electing the “MOTHER OF ALL LIARS” or the “MOTHER OF ALL FAKE-HAIRED REALITY SHOW HOSTS.”

Trump is just turning up our age old war maker rhetoric to “11” on a amplification dial that is only meant to go to “10” (If you’ve seen the movie “Spinal Tap”, that has more comic effect) To former President OBama’s credit, he sought to tone down such war maker rhetoric, while effectively taking out many, many terrorists with drone strikes and Navy Seal Ops like the ballsy one that he ordered in taking out Osama Bin Laden.

BibleKoranThisMeansWarPicMajor organized religion on all sides, Judeo/Christianity and Islam, each ignorantly teach of an end times holocaust of sorts, in which each of their respective “SAVIORS” come to destroy all of the “UNBELIEVERS,” and bring in “heaven on earth” for only their religion. If you are a Christian who doesn’t believe that, you clearly haven’t read your Bible much…The book you claim to believe in is replete with such condemning teachings and end times mandates.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…The next step is needed now…it is WAY overdue…That step is understanding that we are CITIZENS OF EARTH, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, all of us an EQUAL PART of what we refer to as “God”.

And if the United States has ANY “EXCEPTIONALISM” left to show the world, WE NEED TO BE THAT CHANGE, and we need to be that change NOW! We need to be that change, before this Bill OReilly loving, “Napoleon-Concept-In-Chief” keeps freaking everybody out worldwide, with one of his orange fingers near the nuclear button, and the others God only knows where.

BernieSandersThis solution isn’t going to come from Trump…It will have to come from some other leaders like those of us who understand how to properly communicate this message to our brothers and sisters in China…Our brothers and sisters in North Korea…Our brothers and sisters in Russia…Our brothers and sisters in Iran…Our brothers and sisters in Israel…Our brothers and sisters in Palestine…Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan…Our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan…

But we have to set the example by SENDING THEM A FRIEND REQUEST! Is it as simple as that? Well it has to be REAL one, not a “FAKEBOOK” friend request… A sincere request to come to the table and join hands as brothers and sisters, with a sincere change of heart demonstrated first from us as the most powerful nation, seeking to help each other and respect each other mutually. So no, it requires the real thing…I guess maybe a COKE AND A SMILE would be a nice touch.

But in other words, the solution is NOT to keep ramping up the nuclear war rhetoric! There are many of us who know how this can be done, that being the creating of peace on this planet that I am writing about here. The problem is, those of us who know how to approach WORLD FRIENDSHIP and help to create it, are kept from having that opportunity by the powers that be, whose selfish profiteering, world domination agenda stands to be DEFEATED from such a world peace leadership model.

mikepenceFirst and foremost, as I said above, you don’t do as Trump and his administration are currently doing…you don’t play “nuclear chicken” with ramping up the war rhetoric…You don’t keep tweeting and announcing to the world, in response to North Korea’s awareness of our “Mother of All Flaky Presidents,” that “ALL OPTIONS REMAIN ON THE TABLE!”…That is the exact opposite of what is needed now.

Instead of that reckless, egocentric bluster, a responsible leader sees the impression that countries like North Korea have of the United States – an impression that we are out to destroy them like we did to Saddam Hussein and many others – A responsible leader understands that perspective of Kim Jong Un and engages them in an honest effort to change that impression.  Instead of beating the ‘Mother of all War Drums’ once again as our history has branded us, instead of saying “All OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE,” we take a different approach…

As the most powerful nation on the planet, we set the right example, that of being the ‘Mother of All PEACE’ first and foremost as opposed to the ‘Mother of all NUKES’…We choose to change our age old reckless warmongering posture, and begin setting a new leadership example…

earthspacepicWe say that it is overdue to realize that the age old stand-off, cease fire, demilitarized zone between the North and South in the Korean Peninsula is anachronistic, and it is time for it to be finally replaced with complete PEACE…

As such, we choose to place a SINCERE FRIENDSHIP REQUEST as the PRIMARY “option on the table”, and not more of the same war posturing. In that endeavor, we ask that China join us in offering that hand of friendship to the North Korean people.

As the most powerful nation on the planet, we seek first and foremost now, to bring HEALING to the table! That is the kind of real leadership the entire world is desperately needing from the United States as we celebrate “Earth Day” 2017.

Here’s another critical part of the NEW MESSAGE we must be giving to the world:

For the longest time we have been COMPETING AGAINST one another…But we all have the same needs…We all laugh and cry for the same happiness and pain in our lives…

As such, we must BE one another’s helpers …While Judeo/Christianity and Islam both love to claim how much they “help”, history has shown how they only divide and create war with their ‘we’re the only true religion’ conditional dogma, often tied closely to nationalism…But the real SPIRITUAL TRUTH is, all of us must BE one another’s salvation ourselves! In other words, no religion has a corner on the market of ‘HEAVEN’…

We must begin CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH, and the only way we can is by doing that TOGETHER…We don’t have to be in a constant posture of competing against one another anymore…WHEN DID ‘TRADING’ BECOME SYNONYMOUS WITH ‘COMPETING’…That is the tired, ugly, angry, divisive, selfish behavior of a political system that does not have the needs of humanity as its number one reason for existing!

tillersonputinexxonWhen did we forget that government is meant to exist for enriching the lives OF THE PEOPLE, not enriching the lives of CORPORATIONS AND THE PRIVILEGED FEW, whether those privileged few use business, nationality or religion as the source of their perceived ELITISM!

Now..RIGHT NOW is the time to begin this new renaissance of brother and sisterhood as CITIZENS OF THE EARTH.

Lets speak out and tell our current “Ego-Trip-In-Chief” to tone down the “bombing” rhetoric while we TURN UP the “Brotherhood Rhetoric” with a surprising GESTURE OF FRIENDSHIP TO NORTH KOREA, and do so in the absolute interest of helping its direly suffering population…and of course do so in the interest of assuring them that we have no desire to harm them, as our nation’s historical imperialism has led much of the world to conclude.

(On a side note, when this was initially posted on Facebook, it prompted the following “Trump supporter’s” very ugly and hateful reply:

“Josh Stearns: My GOD!! Have you seen what liberals are doing in the country right now??? Do you even know who George Soros is?? I was literally attacked by black people the morning after the election. They had a big hillary sticker on the back of their mini van. I didn’t do anything . They were out trolling for a random white victim. Fuck you Connie Bryan.You are the problem!! I will make sure every musician I know , knows the truth about you, You fucking NAZI!!”

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at